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HP Pre 3 Pre-order: Unpredictable Release Availability

Back at the beginning of April we discussed that the HP Palm Pre 3 was an elusive device, but now new details has come to light regarding the HP Pre 3 pre-order. However, looking over on Amazon it seems that we have an unpredictable release availability, as they have a price but is currently out of stock.

We have to inform you that this is on the Amazon Germany website and has a price of €449.00, which is around $640. That price does include free shipping, and they do encourage you to place your order now. Maybe they feel that these handsets will sell like hotcakes – well big hotcakes that are too large to fit in your hand comfortable that is.

If we look at the estimated shipping dates, then we can expect to see the HP Pre 3 land in the middle of June – maybe Apple should have launched the iPhone 4S/5 in the same month after all? We can still remember when the first Pre was launched; Palm called it the iPhone killer – funny how many other phone makers have said that.

For those who do not remember what specs the Pre 3 will be packing, we thought we would give you a little refresher. You will get a 3.6-inch screen, 1.4GHz Qualcomm processor, 512MB of RAM and a 5-megapixel camera. Now there are three things wrong with this, the screen is not large enough, HP should have opted for a dual-core processor, and they should have squeezed a few more megapixels in.

Do you think that HP has got it all wrong with the Pre 3?



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