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Pirates teach children to count with an iPhone App

With Dano Pirate & The Numbers, teaching children to count is easy. Dano helps them learn math with this fun app available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Getting those kids of pre-school and kindergarten ages to count is not a simple task. Dano Pirate & The Numbers by Bambino Avenue will turn the math problems into a fun pirate adventure. There are 20 mini games to play and learn to count along the way.

Dano Pirate & The Numbers helps educate by writing and tracing numbers. You will also learn to recognize numbers that are written and spoken. This fun math app can help a child work out different quantities and the order numbers go in.

Let them interact with various great characters as they follow a great story that will captivate their attention. The graphics, beautiful animations and music will entertain young children for hours. An artificial intelligence feature will help them progress, as the difficulty will adapt to their needs.

Top elementary school educators have designed this welcome addition to math games. An indicator page will let parents know how far they have come along, so before long they will be telling you how many pieces of eight they need.

Dano Pirate & The Numbers is a fun educational way of teaching children to count. For more information watch the video demo below and visit the App Store.

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