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Countdown to a special occasion with an iPhone App

If you have a certain event coming up or a deadline to be wary of, countdown to a special occasion with Count the Days available on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Count the Days by bobasoba llc will help you organize a diary of up to fifteen different upcoming occasions. Put it the details and the amount of days before and since will display on you device in an easy organized format.

Customize each individual occasion with your own picture as a background, shuffle your events into a more important or necessary order. There are 3 different color schemes for you to activate with a voiceover feature for easy screen reading.

This app has many various uses like monitoring your last oil change or reminding yourself how many shopping days are available to buy that birthday gift. By tracking many occasions, you can also highlight and activate a certain date instead of scrolling.

There are many things to do, so do not waste your own time, let your device Count the Days. For more details, visit the App Store.

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