CoD MW3: Infinity Ward Dedicated to Bringing You Patches

By Jamie Pert - May 19, 2011

Infinity Ward has revealed that patches will be a major focus when it comes to Modern Warfare 3, this suggests that their developers have finally listened to feedback from Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist, Robert Bowling aka FourZeroTwo, has been busy on Twitter telling us how things will be different this time round. Originally a Twitter user said “I’m looking forward to MW3. Just please; provide exceptional post-launch support this time with constant patches”, Bowling responded by saying “Thanks! That is a major focus of mine and the entire team since the feedback from Modern Warfare 2”.

If you played the multiplayer game modes which Modern Warfare 2 offered you may remember lots of gamers complaining that Infinity Ward were not supporting the game properly, the Javelin glitch and Care Package glitch ruined the game for weeks on end without a title update being released for seemingly ages, now it looks like IW has finally taken this on board.

Since the release of MW2 we have seen lots of rivals emerge, therefore we think that Infinity Ward really do need to listen to the community this time around, if the game is not up to standard and a patch is not released within a reasonable time we could see gamers jump to a different franchise, Battlefield 3 is what many think will be its biggest rival upon release.

Do you think that Infinity Ward will keep this promise?

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  • artman

    this is for the people that love the vest and keep putting more then one vest. cant they just fall dead. only one vest aloud. i feel like harde core is not harde core cant kill the guys and with then lag switching even less likelly.. yes if they put on a second vest they should drop dead.

  • Hi_ping_drifter

    Why the hell can’t the programmers of this game write something into the script so that if the script is altered in any way shape or form the game is voided? I’m so sick of hackers ruining my gaming experience… I will NEVER buy another PC ga,e from this company until they figure out how to stop the hackers. It’s absolutely pathetic. 

  • chance11ryan

    im ryan and i am 13 years old and im mad that you guys patched the glitchs because the peopole on the ps3 showed me alot of cool aways not to get killed but n a way still get killed. my biggerst consern about this is that you guys are going to loose alot of big mw3 fans like me. ya you can patch some glitchs but not all of them i like to see people do glitchs because for me its an experients to get better at knifing and also hiding. so if i was working for you guys i would keep alot of glitchs for the people out there. i know you here this alot but still it would be nice to keep some glitchs. thanks ryan or reach me at my ps3 name chance11ryan

    • Ashleymerrett

      Ryan please grow up! I paid a lot of money for these games and I’m sick and tired of MODS!!!!!
      All cheaters must go !!!! People can now buy a mod at Walmart!!!!! Why? I’ve got 3 xbox in my
      Home with 3 elite copies not to mention we all have copies of every Call of Duty game and map packs for all……..I’m sick and tired of MODS!!!!! Fix the game!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

  • Chrisanntweety1

    hey infinity ward why do you guys allow cheaters on mw3 the way it looked how you ban them you
    only ban them for 24 hours I am sick and tired of cheaters screwing with the screen and gliching every time i play the damn game get rid of them and stop letting them in it;s upseting and it needs to stop.

  • Mikeydixon

    i have a clip and pic of a damage hack on my online vault. gt is > KaOs Is Me

  • Joe

    All they care about is money. That was obvious in mw2. Don’t b fooled again

  •  Why cant they just make sure its done properly so it doesnt need patches? Its really annoying how lazy devs are now that they can patch…

  • Anonymous

    So the hype begins, like what 402 started before MW2 was released (PC Version), once the game was came out we never heard from him and his lies again.