Bear Bounce 1.0: Fun kid friendly game for iPhone

By Marlon Votta - May 19, 2011

A new application to amuse children for hours is Bear Bounce 1.0 the fun child friendly game available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Bear Bounce by La Squiggle is an easy to use game that will keep kids entertained with a simple idea. The object of the game is to basically stop the adorable bears from ending up in the treacherous river.

Using just the touch of a finger you have to move the raft and help the cute bears cross to the other side. To gain points you also have to collect various power up along your way.

Get the points needed to open up additional levels and new characters. With 12 authentic worlds to visit and four difficulty levels, Bear Bounce is a fun game with great sound effects and music.

Try to compete with other players and post your record attempts online. Challenge your friends and obtain the eight power ups, just don’t let the poor bears slide into the river.

Bear Bounce contains fun simple game-play and great sound effects. For more information, head over to the App Store.

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