Are Sony a Laughing Stock after latest PSN Hack / Exploit?

By Alan Ng - May 19, 2011

As we briefly mentioned earlier, Sony suffered another major setback in their efforts to resume full service of the PlayStation Network, as it was confirmed that they had to take down several of their PSN login websites after it was discovered that they were still vulnerable to attack.

Sony hasn’t called this latest problem a full on ‘hack’, but it does seem that hackers have managed to exploit the PS3 once again, and it relates to those precious PS3 passwords. According to this report from Eurogamer and first discovered by Nyleveia, it turns out that hackers still have the ability to change PSN passwords, as long as they know a user’s email address and date of birth.

As a result of this, Sony swiftly removed PSN login access on,, the official blog and forums and many other Sony websites. However, users can still change their password directly on the PS3 if they haven’t done so already.

Considering all that has gone on, what are your thoughts on this? We’ve read some really harsh criticism towards Sony after this latest attack, and let’s face it, it’s still still serious even if Sony don’t want to call it a ‘hack’. PS3 passwords are the one thing that Sony really needs to be careful with, as failure to control that aspect of the PS3 security can lead to hackers once again gaining credit card information.

Are you disappointed with Sony, or do you think this latest incident was out of their control?

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  • 2chainz

    what you expect,…… get what you pay for!,…….oh wait, PSN is free?? lol