Apple Store 2.0: Stores revamped after ten years

Over the last few days there has been a lot of speculation surrounding the tenth anniversary of Apple’s retail stores. There have been reports of cloak and dagger operations with staff leave canceled and black out curtains reported. It led to many wondering if we would see a product launch, but today we have news that the operation has the internal name of Apple Store 2.0, with the retail stores getting revamped.

Mark Gurman from 9 To 5 Mac is reporting that Apple has been working on a major revamp on its retail stores, which the company has been working on for a while now. The plan was led by Apple CEO Steve Jobs as well as design Chief Jony IVE.

There will be new areas for personal setup called Startup Sessions with more interactive features. New signage is going to be another new feature, and instead of having paper signs next to each Mac there will be interactive iPads.

Some of the Apple Store locations are to get brand new displays which are said to be “huge”, as well as new sound systems. Meanwhile over at AppleInsider Neil Hughes is reporting that the stores have been getting big amounts of iPad 2s with Smart Covers. These are thought to be used by retail specialists and training will begin this weekend.



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