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Angry Birds for Windows Phone: Release Date Delayed

Many of you who own a Windows Phone 7-based smartphone are probably looking forward to Angry Birds becoming available from the Marketplace, well we have recently heard that the game will arrive later than the anticipated release date.

Originally we heard that Angry Birds for WP7 would arrive on May 25th, now we can confirm that it won’t arrive until June 29th, no reason has been given for the delay but it is probably due to the developers not quite being happy with their work just yet.

Release date delays are always frustrating, but you have to remember that a delay is better than a rushed out game which is not up to scratch. The good news is that there are quite a few good games coming to the Marketplace between now and June 29th, check out WindowsTeamBlog for further information.

It is pretty much certain that Angry Birds for WP7 will be a success, we have previously seen iPhone and Android versions of the app do very well, now there is an online version which is accessible via Google Chrome and PS3 and PSP releases.

Will you be downloading Angry Birds on your Windows Phone 7 smartphone?



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