Word Wagon HD 1.0: Award winning educational app for iPad

By Marlon Votta - May 18, 2011

Help children learn basic words, letters and spelling with Word Wagon HD 1.0. The Award winning educational app for iPad.

Word Wagon HD by Duck Duck Moose teaches elementary reading and spelling using the phonetic interpretation of ordinary spelling. Play along with Mozzarella the mouse and Coco the bird joining up letters to create words.

Watch and learn as they put on outfits, draw pictures, have telephone conversations, play hide and seek. Word Wagon has over 100 different commonly used words showing animation, illustrations and lots sounds. There are 7 different categories for you to pick words and learn their spelling.

This educational app has four levels for preschool through Grade 1 for ages one to seven. Word Wagon helps with learning the names and sounds of the letters, and spelling for words up to four and seven letters. There are sticker rewards to collect for each word and fun sounds when they are touched.

Using stars children can make different constellations and you can watch Mozzarella the mouse dress as an astronaut floating in space. Word Wagon is great fun learning application to further your little ones education. For more details watch the video below and visit the App Store.

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