PSN Vulnerability: Password reset page down

By Gary Johnson - May 18, 2011

The PlayStation network was finally restored a few days ago after being offline for almost a month. But just as you thought the problems were behind Sony we have the news that there is PSN vulnerability, and the password reset page is down.

Rachel King over at ZDnet is reporting that PSN logins can be compromised based on how much data the hackers who caused the original outage, have in their possession. This information included birthdates, and email addresses. A PSN user uses this information if they have forgotten their password and need to reset it.

So this means hackers could have easily reset many PSN accounts already. To stop this from happening Sony has taken down the login and password pages from the internet. At the moment there is no issue when logging on directly from a PlayStation 3 console.

Sony should have already sent you an email if your information was at risk, and all PSN users are advised to change their passwords straight away. Trouble is if you forget your new password it may take you some time to get back into your account.

What do you think of this oversight by Sony?

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  • ahh this makes me mad

  • TKO

    Really they would need to shut down the whole thing again. Just shutting down the website wouldn't work because if they have your PSN id name as well they can just use their own system and put your PSN account on theirs.Glad I changed my Credit card when I did.