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Old Xbox 360s to be replaced due to firmware update

A compulsory firmware update that Microsoft is planning on bringing out for the Xbox 360, will not work on all Xbox 360 consoles. But luckily old Xbox 360s are to be replaced due to the firmware update by Microsoft.

Mike Luttrell from TGDaily is reporting that the main part of the update is the ability to use the new high capacity DVD format, which was designed for the console. The early models from 2005 and 2006 have just a standard DVD drive, so the new format won’t work.

Now Microsoft has confirmed it will contact owners of the older systems and replace them with a shiny new one. Microsoft has released a firmware update before which caused issues for some Xbox 360 owners.

The firmware update which was released a couple of years ago, was so big owners of units that had less memory space had problems. To solve this problem the company gave out free memory devices to affected owners.

The new DVD format besides have a bigger capacity, is thought to have extra piracy measures built-in. Owners of older Xbox 360s will be very happy with Microsoft’s offer of a new console, which is a nice touch by the company.

Do you own one of the affected consoles?



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