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Island Tribe HD: Popular PC game hits the iPad

Rescue islanders and become their savior in Island Tribe HD the popular PC game that is now available for the iPad.

Island Tribe HD by Realore is an exciting adventure game with 30 different levels in three amazing episodes. With fast action gameplay and great animations, this is a fun way to spend your time.

Your mission is to help the island settlers get to the sea before the volcano totally blows. Collect resources, keep wild animals away, watch out for fires and make useful buildings after tragedy strikes.

Adapt and overcome all challenges, as you are the only one that can save the forgotten tribe. Repair all the damaged areas and monitor your island closely as disaster can strike at anytime.

This app is available in six different languages English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Russian. Island Tribe is on sale, priced at $2.99 or the equivalent in other currencies.

Watch the video below to see Island Tribe HD in action. For more information visit the App Store.



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