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Android Getting More Like Chrome: Syncing Elements

When Google announced that they were to launch Chrome OS, the one question on our minds was why? They already had a decent OS with Android, even though it was made for smartphones. So why not just join the two together and make an even better operating system? Did you know that Android is now starting to look like Chrome, as the both now seem to be syncing elements?

The simple answer is that different teams, who have different ways of approaching things, run Android and Chrome. During the recent Google I/O the same question was asked, and according to TechCrunch the answer was simple, “It’s not something we’re talking about right now.”

Having said that, they do share a lot of information with each other, and they will increase that as time goes on. Maybe Google feels that this is the best way to corner both markets, and why wouldn’t they. Both Apple and Microsoft have different operating systems for their smartphones and computers, so why should Google be any different?

Google could do away with either Android or Chrome as a browser and have just one, something that Apple and Microsoft does with Safari and Internet Explorer. Do you think that Google should just have one browser and one OS?



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