World Telecommunication Day Joins Information Society Day

Today is May 17, 2011, which means that it is World Telecommunication Day, but it has now joined with and Information Society Day. The two events have been put in place to try and raise awareness of bringing both societies and economies together, and with the digital age it is possible. Never before has it been easier to come together – well that is the plan anyway.

If we were to go back a few decades the rich and poor used to keep apart, but now with telecommunication and social media, that is now a thing of the past. There seems to be no barrier, you only have to look at Facebook and Twitter to see this in action. Today marks the anniversary of the ITU, and this year’s theme is “Better life in rural communities with ICTs”.

Breaking down those barriers is happening as we speak in areas like India, a place where ordinary people were cut off from the world. Now telecommunication companies have been selling cheap and affordable cell phones to the public, and is fast becoming a better nation for it.

This big push to offer more to rural communities will only help to improve on this, and hopefully offer them a better way off life. The likes of you and I have taken this for granted, just imagine what it would be like for us if we had no way to communicate with the outside world? To learn more about World Telecommunication and Information Society Day visit the International Telecommunication Union.

How has telecommunications changed your life?



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