Stream iPhone 4 Camera To Apple TV, No HD

By Jamie Pert - May 17, 2011

Today we will introduce you to a nifty iPhone app which is great for any of you who use Apple TV, the app is called “Camera for Apple TV” and as its name suggests it shows whatever appears on your iPhone’s camera on your Apple TV.

When you open up the app you will see the familiar camera view, however there is now an Airplay logo, when you click on this logo it streams the video live from your iPhone’s video camera to Apple TV, pretty neat, eh?

There are a couple of imperfections which me must address, firstly the frame-rate is not great, which means fast-movements become a bit of a blur, secondly the quality of the video is said to be usable, but certainly not to the standard of the iPhone 4’s 720p capabilities.

Used properly this would be a neat little app to show off at a party if you have a large HDTV in the house, also as RedmondPie point it would make a pretty neat baby monitor.

If you think this app is something you would like to try out you can buy it from the App Store for just $1.99, you can find out more about the app here. In terms of compatibility it requires iOS 4.3 or later and will run on iPhone, iPod touch (4th-gen), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G.

Have you tried out the Camera for Apple TV app? If so, were you impressed?

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  • Kevin

    I just downloaded it and from what I can tell it just uses photo airplay to send still pictures (4×3). It only updated the image for me when I moved the camera. I'd say not worth the $2