Serious Samsung Galaxy S2 Consideration vs iPhone 4

By Chris Cook - May 17, 2011

With the amount of Android smartphones being released this year it’s hard to keep up and if you’re considering getting a new handset it certainly doesn’t make it an easy choice. That is where reviews come in handy and today we have news of a review on the Samsung Galaxy S2, which awarded the device with 6 stars.

Although Apple’s iPhone 4 is the most popular smartphone on the market at the moment, from this review it is suggested that if you are after a new one you should seriously consider the Galaxy S2. It goes without saying that Apple provides high quality products but they may have just met their match.

Android devices will eventually take control of the market according to analysts however we were yet to see an Android smartphone that competes with the iPhone 4 until now. The Samsung Galaxy S2 is a well-designed phone, just lacks the build, as explained in the review at ITPRO.

It is made from an all-plastic case which is said to make it feel cheap, but that is the only fault the writer can find. Its other main features are it is 8.7mm at its thinnest point and has a 4.3” Gorilla Glass Super AMOLED Plus display. You can find out more about the Galaxy S2 in the full review by clicking the link above.

Would you consider getting this device over an iPhone 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous

    Fandroids really go out of their way to hate on the iPhone. Nobody will remember the galaxy s2 in a year.

  • Anonymous

    Fandroids really go out of their way to hate on the iPhone. Nobody will remember the galaxy s2 in a year.

  • DTytse

    Agreed, I happen to prefer these materials for a few reasons. One, I won't be edgy about my precious phone's case getting scratched up. Two, it's clear from the youtube video "Tough Plastic" linked that in spite of the "cheap" materials, it's more than durable. Third and last; it will be inside a case like most high-end smartphones. You're just gonna be feeling the case and that beautiful screen. I was very strongly considering purchasing the upcoming iphone as my first quality smartphone. However, unless Apple shows me something really incredible instead of a few upgrades to catch up with, I'm going with the Galaxy s2. Possibly the Bionic depending on how they've upgraded its specs but right now, the s2 is all I can think about!

  • Tough Plastic

    Here is a youtube video of the "cheap" plastic on the Galaxy s2:

  • andrew

    finally some sanity!, no iphone fanboys
    there is no doubt that the SGS2 is King!

  • Tony

    Does anyone know if it is going to be a world phone on Verizon or just there damm CDMA?

  • mario

    I agree with Iceman5x5 I have own the iPhone 3gs n the iPhone 4 n I trade it for Android the Samsung galaxy and by far I think Samsung has the better phone free downloads bigger screen and it suports flash something that iPhone won't do. And now I'm waiting for the galaxy s2 n the HTC holiday

  • Iceman5x5

    Sorry the iPhone is old news, the original Samsung galaxy s is way better then the iPhone 3 & iPhone 4, friends who have had both Versions iphone have now traded in for android phones and are much happier, I mean come on 4generations later & apple still can't get it right, stick to iPods & iPads apple it's what you do best! We all know who manufactures apples processors & memory chips don't we, yep Samsung 🙂

  • alex

    im tired of hearing that it feels like this and feels like that, cheap plastic this cheap plastic that. i dropped my galaxy s so many times and it is yet to brake or malfunction on me because of a drop or "cheap plastic"