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Samsung Gravity Touch 2 aka GT2 Gets T-Mobile Release Date

Earlier today we told you about the Samsung Exhibit 4G which is headed for T-Mobile, now we have another smartphone to tell you about which is coming to the US carrier, this is the Samsung Gravity Touch 2.

The GT2 is a low to mid-end smartphone which runs Android 2.2 FroYo, apparently it will hit T-Mobile on June 8th and it is being advertised as a great device for “connected socializers”, its claim to fame is that it has been optimized for texting.

A full technical specification breakdown has not been revealed yet, however we do know that it has 3.2-inch display, a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and an 800MHz processor, everything else is currently a mystery.

After looking at the specs you will agree that there is nothing all that exciting about this smartphone, however a recent TMoNews article features an image which suggests that it may cost just $50 when you agree a 2-year deal. Until we hear from T-Mobile don’t take this price too seriously, but it sounds about right to us.

Hopefully we will hear a bit more about this handset soon, when we do we will keep you posted, does the GT2 interest you?



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