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Prehistoric Booth 1.0: Turn your iPhone into a time machine

Give your self a makeover that will take literally years off you. Prehistoric Booth is an application that will turn your iPhone into a time machine, also available for the iPad and iPod Touch.

Take yourself back to when early humans roamed the earth and see what you would have looked like. The Prehistoric Booth 1.0 by SSA Mobile LLC will make your friends and family look like prehistoric Neanderthals and save them on your photo library.

Just take a photo or use one from your library and activate Prehistoric Booth, then let the application do the rest. The photograph adapts with its face recognition feature that creates a truly great prehistoric version of the image.

Give your iPhone a shake and watch your picture transform back to normal again. Show others your instant time machine and see what they would have looked like. Using email, Facebook, Twitter and MMS, you can send and share your results for all to view.

Turn yourself into a caveperson with Prehistoric Booth 1.0. For more information, head over to the App Store.



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