O2 down with outage in parts of UK

By Gary Johnson - May 17, 2011

Today it’s the turn of a different company to experience downtime besides Sony. We have the news that mobile phone carrier O2 is down with outage in parts of UK.

Bill Ray from The Register is reporting that the mobile carrier has been suffering downtime to its service since just after midnight. Customers are unable to make calls or use any data services since the early hours of this morning.

The areas that we know of being affected so far are mainly in the southeast. Areas around North and East London, as well as Kent and Sussex are known to have problems with service. Certain customers have said they can get data connections, but no voice services. But there are many who have no service what so ever.

Other mobile companies that piggy back the O2 network are Tesco Mobile and GiffGaff also have no service. GiffGaff have posted a map to show users which areas have service and which don’t. It is not known what has caused the outage but O2 have said engineers are working on the problem.

Have you been affected by the O2 outage? What area are you in?

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  • Funmum21

    newcastle upon tyne down on everythng data calls and messages

  • biggerboat

    Thurrock down all day O2 not responding to tweets. Essex is down O2. For O2 at least the only way is not essex

  • Jade

    i'm in romford, essex and my phone has been down all day. Not letting me send texts or receive texts or calls. I hope it gets sorted out soon.

    • Lets Get It Right

      You’re in Romford, London. There’s no such place as Romford, Essex.

  • JP

    i'm in Sittingbourne, Kent, been down here since about half 9 this mornin

  • KL

    Im in Greenwich…Been down all day!

  • Sarah

    I'm in Hornchurch Essex and my phone and my sons phone have both been down all day!

    • Lets Get It Right

      That’s because the place don’t exsist. Now, Hornchurch, London, that exsists.

  • Luke

    outage was caused by theft and vandalism at an east London operations site.

  • hitteshahuja

    Im in Dagenham, Essex and its been 4 hours the network has been down 🙁 🙁

    • Lets Get It Right

      Dagenham, London, you mean.

  • Im in Dagenham,Essex and my o2 network has been down for 4 hours now 🙁 🙁

    • Lets Get It Right

      Nobody’s been in Dagenham, Essex, for 50 years. There’s a reason the borough is called the London Borough of Dagenham. It’s cos it’s in London.

      • Lets Get It Right

        Excuse me, the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham. Yes, lets get it right!