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Nick Caplin responds to complaints about free games

Yesterday we were finally able to tell what games you will be getting as part of the Welcome Back Package from Sony. But unfortunately some users are not happy with the choice of games offered by the company. Now Nick Caplin has responded to complaints about the free games on the PlayStation Blog.

Shui Ta of is reporting that a user moaned that he already had four of the five games offered by Sony. Head of Communications for SCEE Nick Caplin responded on the comments section of the Blog. He said he was sorry there was nothing for the user, but they worked hard “to put together a list of high quality BD games”.

He added that they didn’t want to just offer some cheap PSN titles, and the average score for the games offered was over 84%. But he added that having a large user base it was difficult to find something to suit everyone.

It has also been confirmed by Caplin the users who also have a PSP, can download two titles for each system. The free content will be available for users once the PlayStation Store is back online. What do you think? Are you disappointed with the choice of games?



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