Modern Warfare 3 Beta, Is This Screenshot Fake?

By Jamie Pert - May 17, 2011

Recently whilst browsing the ModernWarfare3 forums we stumbled upon a screen which appears to show the multiplayer title screen from the game’s beta, we cannot confirm whether it is legitimate, but it looks pretty real to us.

After studying the image (embedded at the end of this post) we can see that the title screen looks a little different to what we are used to, also we can confirm that don’t get to access the barracks or create a class sections until level 5, finally it suggests that private beta testing on Xbox 360 version may be underway.

The scrolling banner clearly says “Welcome to the Modern Warfare 3 Beta”, however as you can see the player is not in a lobby with other players, perhaps it is a photoshopped image or perhaps it a very early multiplayer title screen which is not yet fully-functional.

If you check out the comments on the ModernWarfare3Forums yourself there are mix reactions, if it is real it is a great photoshop, if not perhaps we will see some multiplayer beta action at E3 2011, that would be nice.

Update: If you check out this video you can see that the leaked screen was in fact photoshopped.

(You can click on the image for a larger view)

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  • Joe

    Also Steve Fakuda, whos player card is pictured, left infinityward back in 2010

  • James

    It's fake. The 'Modern Warfare 3' font is not the one they will be using (evident from the confirmed trailer font). It also looks shit. Raven Software will clearly make an interface which looks more appealing.

  • GhandiTroll

    This is clearly photoshopped. The screen wouldn't have the game's name on, and that isn't the official log.

  • XxXnEoHdZxXx

    No this is fake the top right corner of the screen should read PartnerNet but instead it's ParnterNet.

  • The Kinected Gamer

    looks very bulky, hope it's not the final screen if it is real.