Microsoft’s Bing Starts Facebook Marketing

The multi-million dollar internet giant Facebook and Microsoft continue to take advantage of their newly formed partnership and look to compete with other internet giant Google. Today we have news that Bing search engine from Microsoft will begin incorporating Facebook Likes more into finding search results.

The site has used the Like feature since last year, using content that a Facebook user has ‘Liked’ to find relevant results. Microsoft has stated that they will be using these social features more often in the future.

This will allow them gain ‘collective IQ’ highlighting articles that members of Facebook ‘Like.’ They also intend on using a feature they call ‘conversational search.’ This again will use Facebook as a source allowing Bing users to type a query and be directed to their relevant friends.

For more about what new features Microsoft will be incorporating into their Bing search engine that also take advantage and benefit Facebook, go to SFGate where you will find a full article from Tech Chronicles, by clicking the link.

What do you think of these new features? Will this make Bing more efficient than Google? Let us know which search engine you prefer in the comments below.



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