Highest Speed Limits: Outsmart the Police with $1 App

By Alan Ng - May 17, 2011

If you are often caught speeding by the police, we think you’ll find the following information very useful as we are pointing you in the direction of a $1 iOS App for the iPhone and other devices which pinpoints the highest speed limits in the US.

I don’t think there will be many of you who can honestly say that you haven’t driven over the speed limit whilst in your car, but whenever you do decide to drive past the limit, you often pay the consequences with a needless driving ticket.

In order to make this a thing of the past, you should download the ‘Speed Limits’ App from the App Store or iTunes, as it lists all of the speed limits in every US state. Obviously, this information is very handy to have in your pocket if you are driving in an unfamilar state or plan on going on a trip and want to know where you stand with regards to the law.

Just for your reference, the highest speed limits in the US can be found in both Utah and Texas, as drivers are allowed to go as high as 80MPH whilst on the road. This is great for fans of fast driving, but at the same time it obviously increases the chance of having an accident.

Download the app now and let us know if it helps you. Do you drive in Texas or Utah often? – What are your thoughts on the 80 limit there?

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  • anon

    Dumb app. Much better would be a gps app linked to a database of speeding tickets: speed limit, miles over, and location. This way you would know how fast you could actually drive without getting pulled over. There are plenty of towns that are speeding traps and plenty that aren't.