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Chrome OS 12 Beta Testing: Full Release Weeks Away

Chrome OS 12 beta is now live, and is the final stage of testing before the full release, which is just weeks away. This could happen just before June 15th, which will certainly be a big day for Google, one that has been a long time coming. Having said that, that is if all goes well and no bugs are found.

Those who will purchase the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook will already know what features to expect, and that is a complete new experience. It will take some getting used to, but it will not take long for users to get to grips with it. Can you remember when the Google Chrome browser was first launched, people were reluctant of change – now it is one of the fastest and smoothest browsers on the market.

Chrome OS R12 has some amazing new features, ones that will make the OS a great contender in an already tough market. New features include: file browser, new look, Flash Player, bug fixes, auto update improvements and screen indicators, and so much more. More details on these can be found over at TechCrunch.

One feature that will help Google Chrome OS become a popular choice is Angry Birds, which we recently discussed. It is no secret that people will be apprehensive about changing their OS, but you only have to look how Cloud is making its way into many aspects of our lives.

Will you consider changing to Google Chrome OS?



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