Apple Retail 10th Anniversary: Somthing big planned?

Apple always seem to have the knack of surprising most people, whether it is product launches or new software they always try and get the wow factor. This coming Thursday is the Apple Retail 10th anniversary, and it is looking like the company may have something big planned.

Jonathan S. Geller from BGR is reporting that they have received information that Apple may be planning something big this Thursday to celebrate its anniversary in retail. Employees of the retail stores have been told that no time off can be booked between May 20th and 22nd. Store managers are said to be very excited about the dates.

Each store is also requiring 10 to 15 staff to work through Saturday until Sunday, and during the overnight shift all of the staff have to lock their cell phones in the main office of each store. The stores have allegedly received hardware to install with more coming on Friday or Saturday. Stores are also to be blanked out with blackout curtains.

There is said to be mandatory meetings with staff on Sunday which are normally for training with a new product or service. Staff are required to sign an NDA with Apple, and has had to download gigabytes of information from Apple that won’t be accessible to anyone until Saturday afternoon.

This all seems very cloak and dagger by Apple, but what are they planning. Could they be about to shock the tech world with a new product launch? Could we see a new iPhone or Mac? Maybe it could have something to do with the music cloud service the company has been rumored to be planning.

What do you think Apple is planning?



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