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Touch Band 1.0: Have music at your fingertips with an iOS app

A great free application to assist your musical talents is the Touch Band 1.0. Have music at your fingertips with an app available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Make the most of vacant spot in your band and play five different instruments making sure you never lose that rhythm and sound. Touch Band 1.0 by UANGEL Corp lets you play the guitar, piano, drums, ocarina and the bongo drums without being the best on either.

The great quality audio effects will make your music sound like a professional artist. Touch Band will help you get the most of your potential with each instrument using the 192 chords on the guitar, the electric and normal piano keyboard contain up to 80 keys.

The bass drum, bongo and ocarina can influence the amazing sounds to accompany your band. The Touch Band app has countless instrument features to make great sounding music on your device.

Become a professional on an instrument you would not normally feel comfortable on or replace your lost band member with the free Touch Band 1.0 application. For more details, visit the App Store.



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