StarPod 1.2: Fast space shooter for iDevices

By Marlon Votta - May 16, 2011

Take yourself back to those good old fashion arcade games and try StarPod 1.2 the fast space shooter for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

StarPod is a rapid action space shooter that contains amazing explosions and colors to match. There are 2 D-pads on the screen are for firing and maneuvering, using both will help you pilot your Starpod. Boasting brilliant sound effects and a superb soundtrack this app by Daveworld, Inc. will get you addicted to its easy to use gameplay.

Using Robotron-style controls your mission is to further your point multiplier with out using a big bomb and obviously trying not to die. Destroy all enemies in view with the big bomb and reset the multiplier.

Gain various power-ups like double shot, triple shot, quad shot and shield. Destory all enemies like Starburst Caterpillars, Plasmapillars, Fiery Squares, Insidious Triangles and Icebursts and become the ultimate Starpod pilot.

The StarPod 1.2 application has the potential of being an addictive classic for gamers everywhere. For more information, visit the App Store.

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