Sony reveals Welcome Back Package details, are you satisfied?

By Gary Johnson - May 16, 2011

Since the PlayStation Network first started to be restored, many gamers were wondering when they would start getting details of the free downloads which were promised a while back. Now finally Sony reveals the Welcome Back Package details.

Nick Caplin has posted on the PlayStation Blog the full details of what you will be getting courtesy of Sony. The PlayStation Store is yet to be restored so you won’t be able to get your free gifts just yet, but he says that will be “a little while longer”.

The package will only be available for countries that normally have access to the PlayStation Store. You have the choice of two PS games from LittleBigPlanet, Dead Nation, Wipeout HD/Fury, Infamous, and Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty.

If you have a PSP account you also get to choose from two of the following games LittleBigPlanet PSP, Pursuit Force, Killzone Liberation, and ModNation PSP. You also get thirty free days of PlayStation Plus membership if you are not already a subscriber. Existing subscribers will be given sixty days free.

Users who already subscribe to Music Unlimited will be offered thirty days free membership, and there will be some more offers with PlayStation Home. Caplin goes on to thank developers and publishers for helping with the package.

Whether this will please most PS3 owners remains to be seen, but at least current subscribers to PlayStation Plus get an extra thirty days compared to non-subscribers. Have Sony done enough to satisfy you?

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  • I’d be even happy with them filling up my PS wallet, and let me pick what I want.  I have a cap on my downloads, so does my wife, so theres no way we can d/l the 2 games each.

  • those games suck

  • those games suck

  • hell naw im not satisfied sony suck ass for this bullshit shitty deals

  • RED

    FUCK NO! We should get FREE map packs for Black Ops instead including First Strike and Escalation map packs and make it stay FREE!! Playstation Plus sucks! Sony needs to get their shit together because I’m already disappointed in them!!

  • Damien4181

    This is a piss poor effort by sony. They need to come up with way more than that. These little kids might think this is cool, but for all the adults who's personal information was stolen, sony is MILES away from making me happy offering old games. Show me the money!!!!! They screwed up not me and 20$ credit is not even close to worth it. They better come up with alot more and fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i already have all these games. not the best selection. c'mon Sony, please do better than that. $30 games, not $20 PSN titles.


    they didnt have to give us anything realy but it was nice they did some good ones in there some rubbish but lets be truthfully here there was not going to give us new games now was they. Im just happy to be back online again free stuff is a bonus.The best thing that the PSN NETWORK could give us is that this never happens again plus like to take this chance to thank sony for getting us back online and also to thank PR PRODUCT REVIEWS for all the updates they have given us through theses bad times weve had THANK YOU.

  • ricky_No1

    Man that sux, they lose our personal details including credit card numbers because of piss poor security. They treat customers like crap and have the cheek to offer old shit games that most people have all ready. Why not come over and bang my sister too sony. not impressed.

    • brendan

      seriously XD whats wrong with 2 full games, they may be old but full games none the less, i was expecting small psn games

      • ricky_No1

        Its a free service i know and i would have been ok with no games at all, but to offer these games i think is an insult. Its a fact that they had poor outdated security and took customers for granted, therefore they should be doing more to put things right. They know full well most people wont bother downloadind the games because they have or had them and that way lose nothing

  • Dan

    InFAMOUS and Ratchet & Clank, HERE I COME!
    Love ya Sony <3

  • cast

    Its cool from sony to give us two games, and they finally got the psn up again, but there are some problms still, when i try to change my password, i get a server error and dont know what the %&$@ is going on. Some of my friends could change their password easily, but i cant. I dont know if im the onlyone getting this error.

  • brendan

    Hald decent games 🙂 glad to hear

  • zach

    Good I would have preffered little big planet 2 and the unreleased inFAMOUS 2 but still excellent job in regaining trust XP

  • darkdevil

    not bad i guess although it got delayed a couple of times but i cant argue!