Sony on new problems faced with resetting PSN passwords

By Chris Cook - May 16, 2011

As you are probably aware by now, the PlayStation Network finally got back up and running again yesterday, well across most of the globe at least. However we did bring you news of at least one country that won’t be online just yet and that is Japan.

The restoration of the PSN hasn’t been plain sailing. It seems that Sony’s policy to reset all users’ passwords has caused a slight problem for them. The company has found that they are unable to cope with the sheer amount of password reset requests coming in simultaneously.

Some users may have been experiencing problems and Sony says this is the reason why. The news comes from PS Blog, where Nick Caplin, Sony Head of Communications wrote to those who have had problems.

He confirmed that the issue they were having was from the overload of password change request and he also said the company are currently working to resolve the issue and to remain patient. Check out the PS Blog yourself by clicking the link above.

Have you been experiencing problems resetting your password? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • cody

    it's saying that when i log on i have to change my password and i go to my email to try and do it but then….. When i click on the link to change it it says the server for PSN is down and that i should try again later. wtf?

  • yeah i got the email like 3 times in 48 hours and i get the ''there was a problem resetting your password''' this is bs! BS I SAY

  • Paul Parker

    I've been waiting almost 3 days!, just when I thought I say the light at the end of the tunnel!! I think I've been patient enough! I've even sold my Xbox 360! I'm a loyal ps user but my patients are running thinly!!

    • DK

      Are you a doctor? Why are your patients running?

  • cast

    Ive been waiting for the email for the last 22 houras, and still got nothing, i dont know what is going on but all i want is to play online!!!!

  • guest

    Its about 7pm here in TX and they say, I will receive a message in approx. 24h…y dont they just let countries reset their password one at a time?

  • guest

    I just started up my ps3 tried to login ==> succeeded, and automaticly i had to change my pass. so i did ==> instant reset,, i didn't even know there were problems O.o

  • Phillip

    Didn't have any problem. As soon as PSN was up in my zone changed pass and logged in even when it was down lastnight didn't have a problem it logged me right in


    It's been 17 hours and i'm still waiting for that email. SONY states within approx. 24hrs I should receive the email confirming my password reset. So close… I know others who have reset with no problems and are Online. unfortunately for me… i wait.

  • Luis Santos

    I didn't have any problems. I went to the U.S. version of the playstation website and requested a password reset. I waited an hour or two and got an email from sony. The link they sent me allowed me to change my password and once I had that done, my ps3 let me go online to play COD. To me it was around a 3-hour long process to get back online. What about evreyone else?

  • darelys

    queremos jugar y el playstation3 no kiere jugar ya todo lo del update se iso pero dise que se tiene que cambiar la contrasena cuando vamos a cambiarla dise que u eerro a ocuridooo por favorrr areglenloo

  • InsaneLoverboy23

    Nope my pass reset worked fine hmmm strange others are having problems hope they get it sorted our soon