Samsung Galaxy S II: Download Two Firmware Updates from Kies

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2011

Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone has only just been released to market in some countries, we already have some pleasing news for owners, or for those who are planning to pick one up. Samsung seems to have got their update schedule back on track, as they have released two speedy firmware updates for the handset.

While we can guess that there’s already quite a considerable amount of you who are already proud owners of a Galaxy S II handset, we have a feeling that most of you are still waiting in line for your relevant retailer or carrier to stock the device, as it has been in-demand ever since Samsung made the handset available for global launch earlier on this month.

For those of you who do have a handset already, you’ll want to download these two firmware updates. The first update will make the handset more responsive when using Swype text input, while the second update will tweak some system settings with relation to the automatic brightness on the handset, as reported from Android Community. Finally we’re also hearing that both updates will include improved connectivity as well, which is nice.

If you’re interested in downloading the updates, simply boot up your Samsung Kies software and follow the steps. Let us know if you have any problems related to the updates.

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  • I’m having this problem too, I’ve tried it twice, the first time it got to 3% and stuck there and the second time I got the missing dll message, both times I’ve had to do the emergency recovery.  Now with blood pressure through the roof I’m too scared to try it again!  

  • Ian Mac

    Installed Kies went through the update phase until it crashed, kies said i need emergency recovery which I went through but that errored ? Any suggestions the phone is still on and working but I cant get kies to update or recover…Have even tried a different pc with no luck.

  • Raymund Dobay

    Uninstalling and reinstalling Kies resoved the firmware update issue 🙂

  • Raymund Dobay

    I get a missing dll error message during the update process 🙁