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Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 Review: Objective Is Price

Samsung is not content with having the market share when it comes to TVs; they also aim to have the most amount of Android handsets on the market. The latest model is the Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660, and a recent review shows that the main objective is its price. The company already has a number of high-end smartphones on the market, but they know that the real money is with Gio and other such handsets.

It is all very well having the latest and greatest smartphone on the market, but you will find that most cell phone users have a bargain phone in their possession. This market is the toughest to please, as they expect a lot for their money; so how will the Galaxy Gio S5660 get on?

The phone is aimed at the younger person who does not want anything too powerful, just enough for everyday needs. This means that the 800MHz processor, Android 2.2.1 Froyo, 3.2-inch screen and Stereo FM radio with RDS is more than up to the job. However, not too certain if the consumer will be happy with the 3.2-megapixel camera – although we all know that it is down to the quality of the lens.

According to GSM Arena, they believe that the Galaxy Gio is much the same as the Ace. In some areas this is a good thing, but not when it comes to video recording – something that the young consumer will not like the idea of. Get much closer to the Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 with a demo video that we have embedded for you below.

Do you think that the Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 will get lost amongst the other mid range handsets on the market?



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