PSN Welcome Back Package: Satisfying You

By Gary Johnson - May 16, 2011

Now the PlayStation Network is back online for most PS3 owners, thoughts are turning to Sony’s Welcome Back Package. The company has already stated the package will not be available until the PS Store is restored, and as we already reported this will not happen before PSN is up around the world.

Earlier today we told you that the Government in Japan was delaying the PSN switch on, until it was satisfied with the measures Sony were implementing to protect further security breaches. It looks like the PS Store restoration has been delayed, and a recent post on the EU PlayStation Blog by Nick Caplin is confirming this.

He said there has been a “delay in finalizing the welcome back program”, but tomorrow details should be made public. The post was made at 1.30 a.m. so whether he means that is actually today remains to be seen.

We already know that there will be some free PlayStation Plus time available, but Sony also mentioned some free content which included games when they first announced the program. But what would Sony have to offer to repair the damage the downtime has done to its relationship with some customers?

Many PS3 owners have accepted the downtime was not really Sony’s fault even governments have their computer systems hacked. But there are many who are angry with the lack of communication when the problems first began.

So what does Sony need to offer too satisfy you?

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  • Christian

    If they just let me change my psn i.d. I will be content.

  • lcooperbs

    Hopefully the free games arent via playstation plus. Free content tends to expire after a while, and is no longer playable.

  • Rigamortis65

    Complain about what Sony give us AFTER they have given it to us. For all you know they could hand out gold-plated editions of a specially commissioned on-line enhanced preview version of COD: Black Ops 2 – The Apology. They could offer a one week pass to your favourite Dutch brothel or a seat on the first Virgin trip into space. Of course, none of this is likely. But, let's not kick them while they're down. Let them slap us in the face first before we retaliate by defecting to .. [barf ]… XBox. They might actually want to do something nice to thank us for our loyalty. But, don't get too greedy. Japan only got hit by an earthquake, a tsunami and a partial meltdown in one week. Then some f*$%er thought "What Japan really needs right now is an extra kick" and decided to hack Sony. Their pockets might be a little shallow right now d'ya think?

    • ian

      I agree with the big guy!!!

    • brendan

      You sir are awesome 😀 And so right

    • NoBody

      well said. personally i got too many games and just want an add on for m.a.g or maybe blade storm 100 year war. i wanted to try that game….. but just be happy psn is back on. im greatful. i lost hope in sony when i heard that psn was coming back on, on the 31st. what a surprise thats its on now.


    PSN has cost'ed us consumers lots of time as well as grief, hate coming from every direction,
    Aimed at us Playstation fanboys.
    As well as credit card theft from individuals, who have had their share of this problem for weeks on end.
    Many consumers who have missed out on new multiplayer titles and delayed add-ons.
    Identity theft is more then likely for some users.
    Everyone on PSN has been stomped on by XBL fans and have had pre-order bonus's expire or shrink in time.
    Everyone is now behind and will probably want to catch up to the world of online video gaming.
    Therefore, I would be satisfied with some sort of new cross game voice chat or other new installment.

  • gamerdude!

    i highly doubt sony will start paying companies so that they can distribute their games for free to every psn user worldwide. The free games will be some crappy sony produced game.

  • GMO

    I highly doubt that they'll put a good game in the package, something more in the lines of like a tetris game or something

  • tom

    the black ops map packs xD

  • scott

    In terms of the welcome back package, I think most of the attention is to become aimed at the free games included in the pack. I am sure we all would like a few AAA titles that are up and coming, but I think its unrealistic to envision getting la noire for free. On the other hand how about a few of the platinum titles?? Either of the 2 first uncharted games would be fantastic, metal gear solid 4 perhaps?? These are the kinds of games I'd like to see, rather than something akin to xbox live arcade titles. Who knows?? Lets just see what Sony offer uo for us, after all they dont owe us anything at all as aluded to in this article. Whatever they offer is more than we truly deserve

  • Greg

    If we don't get to download any 2 games we want, I'm switching to Xbox; I'm used to playing it now anyway.

  • Loz

    I would like to be offered the choice of anything from the PS store to the value of say £50. Instead of 2 cheap SOE games that will cost SONY nothing. MASS EFFECT 2 would be worth the downtime to get hold of. But I can assure you as this is SONY the compensation will NOT be worth the wait!

  • Angelo

    I know they said they will offer 2 free games to down load I just hope they are not cheap 5 dollar games. I would not mind one top of the line game and mid-level game.

    • Bobsbob

      I agree a good expensive game and a old but still good game. but what is playstation plus?

    • Ben

      That sounds about right to me…

    • badmuthaphukka

      LOL whats wrong with you? They'll obviously offer something like pinball or something…not in a millions years would they offer something like CoD or Assassins LOL