PSN Store Offline, PS3 Gamers waiting for Welcome Back Package

By Alan Ng - May 16, 2011

As we mentioned earlier, it looks as if Sony are still not ready to resume full operation of the PlayStation Network, as we can confirm that the PlayStation Store remains offline in the US and UK, despite the fact that online gaming is now available on the PlayStation 3.

This of course means that PS3 owners have to wait to buy or download any content from the store, but more importantly for millions of users, it also means that we have to play the waiting game again for when Sony release their ‘welcome back package’ for users.

It would have been nice if the free content (30 Day PSN+ Subscription, free game and region-specific content) was there to greet owners the minute that Sony switched the online servers back on, but obviously they are not ready to do that just yet.

Are you disappointed about this, or are you just happy that you can play the likes of Call of Duty, Portal 2, Mortal Kombat and other great games online? We’re hoping that Sony will release their welcome back package at the end of the week, but we have a feeling that it could be some time before gamers can get their free loot.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you disappointed that you don’t have the welcome back package yet?

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  • Darron2021

    I just wish there would hurry and bring the Store back up. I have been waiting to play the new DLC for fallout new vages that came out may 17th and yet still waiting. i would not mind if they would give us some kind of time frame that way we would known when to come online other then checking every day

  • Ryan

    im pissed off because ive been wanting to get a certain game for ages and i want to get it but i cant……i am actually gettng bored of black ops and that is bad !!!!

  • Kieran

    IDC When it gets back up it's just nice to finally play KZ3 online again. Mind you though this is a nice guiester from Sony when you consider how much Free type stuff the PS Plus Subscription can get you

  • YouHvBeenPWNED

    I am very happy that multiplayer is back on! 😀

    PSN store is expected by the end of the month and they worked very fast to get all this up!

    SONY fan forever and always

  • keane

    its back offline

  • catchercatch

    I am very disappointed. Without the PSN store, I am unable to update my copy of Blazblue: Continuum Shift, or purchase Arcana Heart 3. Even worse, Fanime 2011 is coming up soon, and I will be unable to play to at least an amateur's ability in either game in time, should the PSN store update come late.

  • Deth212

    The only thing I am pissed about is that Sony refuses to keep it's gamers in the loop. It isn't so hard to have some press releases and some sort of a loose time schedule so at least we have something to look forward to, even if their deadlines do get delayed. Take some cues from apple, Sony. They are always making sure that the customer feels "included" in any of their actions. With a blind "wait, check and see" scenario, customers start to lose hope and faith in the corporation, especially when 3-4 day system outages turn into month long marathons. What are we to expect from the playstation store? Another hour? Day? Month? Year? Only Sony execs know.

  • El-Tereblay.

    It's funny how many negative votes any posts against sony are getting. I'm in 2 minds. On one hand, perhaps we ought to care that Sony didn't get there shit together fast and well enough. I mean, if we choose not to care, won't they care less also? (A genuine query there, I'm not saying we should make a fuss for the sake of it).
    On the other hand, who cares? The only reason I wish that the store was back up was because I have been loving the old Sonic 1 and 2 downloads from the megadrive, and I expected to be playing Sonic 3 ( and S & K) by now based on the release dates of the previous two. Aside from that, playing one player and multiplayer at home is where my love for games originated and lies most. PSN is free, and I have lots of games to keep myself busy. The important point here is that Sony should be doing their best, as the standard they had set beforehand was pretty darn good already as far as I'm concerned.
    Actually a little sick of PC gamers ragging on consoles because of the lack of freedom we have as far as freeware goes and what not. I enjoyed FFVII the way it was. I don't need to mod everything I play.

  • ashfoxx

    Sony did the right thing by putting on the online multiplayer first, then focusing on the rest of the features for later. It's much easier to wait when you can have a blast feeding your multiplayer addiction with the rest of PSN down, especially after living through the Gamer Lent for the past month.

    Sony came through for once, I am not at all angry about not getting any free swag right away. In fact, if anyone is angry about it, they can tie their Xbox's to their legs and jump into the Atlantic, because nobody with a brain cares.

  • Sabre

    Happy online gaming is back but considering one of the main games i wanted to hit online was Mortal Kombat i aint too happy that i cant redeem my online pass due to no PSN Store… In my opinion if they are going to introduce things like online passes it shouldnt use the Store to redeem that specific games code but at the same time companys wernt to know this would happen so oh well… 24 Hours left of free trial it is lol

  • dunlop

    cant play fifa 11 online because it wants me to put in my redeem code in again for some reason and i need the playstation store open to use it!! sort it out sony

  • eran

    Sorry, I just don't get how you cannot be angry that a huge company like sonny, that makes millions every second off its customers can put its customers in such a huge risk and handle it so badly.
    They are not the victims here, we are. And hopefully they will learn their lesson (though I doubt it).
    As I see it the group that exposed this security risk did us all a favor by showing us how little this company cares about its costumers.

    And still no sign of illegal use of any information obtained in the attack so maybe the whole point was to expose sonny and maybe make them loose some money? I'm willing to lose some playtime if that's the case

    • neil t

      totally agree with you eran, spot on there mate.
      youve summed it all up for me.

    • Thomas Calleja

      You need to learn how to spell first, before having a go at Sony. Did you ever think that maybe Sony did have an a good firewall, but somewhere out in the World, there was just a person who was that little bit smarter? Everything gets hacked at some point. Sony was on to the attack the moment they realised it had occured. Give them a break. I'm sure they were doing everything they could to protect its customers. I highly doubt Sony would be stupid enough to put a weak firewall up, and risk millions of dollars.

      • Bob

        "did have an a good firewall" Looks like your the one who could use a spelling lesson. FAIL

    • The Sense

      Yes, but I'm not angry with Sony. I'm angry with the stupid idiots who decided the best way to protest/ make some money was to ruin everyones PS3 experience. They are not some benevolent group who, politely and kindly, show us that Sony can be hacked. they are a group of criminals who performed an illegal activity, possibly to steal our money and identities and to bully us into believing something.

      Yes, I understand that they possibly (even probably) weren't doing it for financial gain: but that makes their actions even more inexcusable. it is the same tactics terrorists use: a devastating attack which exposes weaknesses to make people cahnge their minds. Exactly the same ideals (though obviously, to a much more reduced degree) as 9/11.

      • eran

        Yes, except in this case instead of blowing up a building they screwed up our gaming experience for a while. I would say that's a big difference.

        I'm not saying it's not possible that the attack was financially motivated, it is possible. We'll find out in the coming months I guess.

        And Thomas – sorry about the spelling, are you ok? 🙂

        I don't feel I need to "give them a break" since I gave them a ton of my money. I think you don't realize how powerful this company is. I don't care if they knew and did nothing or if they just didn't know – they should have prevented it and they should have protected their costumers giving the amount of money they charge for every little thing.

        this can go either way – we might find out that the hackers are using the information to steal our money or we can realize that these hackers are not going to use the information in which case they did us a huge favor and punished Sony a little in the process.

  • buttface

    Can't play Mortal Kombat online because you can't login to the store to enter your validation code.

  • Cash

    Just seeing the online icons shining again makes me happy to tears

  • Chrisj91

    I'm not whining or anything because Sony are doing really well in my opinion, but I can't play Mortal Kombat Online because the Store isn't back operational yet so I can't activate my Kombat Pass 🙁 lol, Ah well, I'm just glad that they're sorting it and making it more secure, they can take as much time as they see fit for me, it's only a few week offline, it isn't as though the actual ps3 system broke, I can still play games, listen to music and watch blu rays, so I'm a happy customer. Keep up the team spirit Sony!! 🙂

    Oh and good post by Eric by the way 😉

  • Aki

    The normal network functions don't even work for me still, so I'm not holding my breath.

  • Eric

    honestly, i don't believe that they OWE us these gifts because: 1. we don't pay for our online services, and 2. it wasn't completely their fault they got hacked. could they have had a better system in place to prevent it in the first place? yes. but, it happens. so they redid the system, and for the grievances and frustration that a lot of users have had for the past 3 weeks, they're giving us these tokens of appreciation of our support.

    personally, all i've been really irked about was the lack of being able to spend the dlc cards i had and MK online. but for the most part i haven't been dying without service. but it will be pretty nice to see what kind of free content we get to snag. also, the next store update is gonna be HUGE haha.

    so, here's to a few more days of 50% power. it wasn't a time of chaos while it was gone, but it is sure nice to have it back. here's to a bunch of morons not hacking the servers again

    happy gaming 😀

    • neil t

      totally disagree with you there eric.
      its the way sony did not dislose the fact untill later that users private data had been hacked.
      would you have been more warm to them had your bank account been stripped off all your money, have your email account spammed and hacked.your identity stolen?
      i dont buy all this, well its free and they can do basically what they will.
      they hid the fact your data was taken, and for this reason i believe they should give users free stuff.

    • mitch

      i agree mate cantnwait to see what we snag but we dont reaky deserve it though aha who cares freebies r freebies 😀

  • Ben

    even as an avid gamer I know that there is more important things going on in the world and could care less about the PSN coming back online. They fucked up once two many times,and I will not be purchasing anything that Sony offers again.

    I would have more fun kicking a Freemason in the nuts than playing the new MK. Or write President Obama and let him know that evn though CNN changed the story (so many times) a lot of people know Bin Laden was probably dead (Toro Bora or kidney failure) just about a decade now and He (the president) was using this as a political booster pack as well as a distraction from stuff like his birth certificate issues, new wars,the comet Elenin the one NASA got busted lying and covering up on numerous occasions since 1984.

    • I_eat_babies

      What a fag. A Republican one to boot, ha.

    • Joan of Arc

      #1 Sony doesn't need YOUR business, if you want to stop buying their stuff fine, there are more then enough other people that will.
      #2 If you don't buy one Sony Blu-Ray for the rest of you life I'll be very shocked. Its probably going to be the next standard format for computer and video viewing in a year or so.
      #3 What in the hell are you talking about in that entire last paragraph? How about next time you take off your tinfoil hat to post online you stay semi-relevant to the topic at hand.

    • nick

      dude, lay off the drugs

  • tony

    i'm just glad it's online again. and buying your console did not mean you payed for psn if that where true then anyone who bought a used ps3 would of had to pay extra for psn, psn is FREE they owe us nothing, but it is nice to get something.

  • tony

    i'm just glad it's online again. and buying your console did not mean you payed for psn if that where true then anyone who bought a used ps3 would of had to pay extra for psn, psn is FREE they owe us nothing, but it is nice to get something.
    cod people are mad because its the only game they play so buying an xbox seemed like a good idea but they also think buying the same game year after year is cool so that shows how dumb they really are.

  • Drew

    Who else used the down time to finish the back log of games they had in their collection? Anyone else looking forward to LA Noire?

  • Cocoshca1

    PSN now working here in guatemala!!!!!! 🙂

  • m408reaper


    • Tom parkin

      Thats a bit of a cheap blow calling it the cumbox 360, I like the ps3 more than the 360 but atleast the 360 didn't go down, For security, special offers and the better online lobbies just like xbla offers. ps3 should have a subscription so this doesn't happen again, knowing that sony will probably blow it out of proportion and make it £150 a year

    • The_G

      Stop being a little bitch let's see you try to run a sucessful gaming device nd see how you do ya prick haha and im only 13 c(;

      • Tom parkin

        To whom was that aimed at?, If it was to m408reaper then i agree apart from the swearing

  • Landon

    I'm pretty mad cause i finally got DC Universe and now i need that stupid store to play it. So PS3 is once again useless right now ;|

    • Drew

      Stop crying and put that game aside and find something else to play. Or even better go outside and get some sun! Too many cry too much over the dumbest things nowadays.

      • HeadSplitta864

        ya guy im in the same boat got the game 5 or 6 days after they turned it off and now i still cant play its the only ps3 game i have so guess ill just play 360 wile i wait block ops and bad company 2 but i want to play this game it looks fun and i do like mmo hit me up with a friend request HeadSplitta864

  • Riisu

    I am not disappointed. They said from the start they would be putting PSN back online in stages. Video viewing, online gameplay would go up, then the PSN store will go back up. They said this, so why should I be disappointed?

  • Mike

    psn networks works again!!

  • Kieran

    Yes/No It's nice that we could are getting the thing but that it's not avalible right away but who cares at least now we can play KZ3,Black opps etc.

  • Drake

    I am a little disappointed that the welcome back package isn't up but I'm just pumped that i can finally play online again.

  • AMO

    its bak offline

  • Brian

    Online gaming is not working. Which requires you to sign in to psn. Try it? I just did. It's not working.

  • Jason

    Honestly i am just glad they got the system back up online. I was seriously thinking about buying a Xbox 360 even though i have played on the playstation since the PS1 came out. The welcome back package is not necessary to me but it would be nice.

    • Bob

      Wow, you honestly couldn't handle being off video games for less than a month without thinking about buying an xbox. You do realize there is a world outside your basement right?

      • bill

        bob… stfu

        • Bob

          Bill… get a life.

  • Lambert

    When is Australia due back online!?! It worked this mourning for a brief moment then went back to under maintenance…

    • Chaos

      I am playing online right now no problem. Worked instantly. Try again mate.

  • jhawk757

    Disappointed that the PSN store is not back online. I purchased Mortal Kombat (before I found out) the night the networks went down. In order to play Mortal Kombat online you have to redeem the "Kombat Pass" which comes with the game, however if the psn store is down you can not redeem that pass. Long story short – No PSN Store = No Mortal Kombat Online Play. The makers of the game offer a Free 2-Day Online Trial which I accepted but once that is gone (for lack of better words) I'm screwed, until the PSN store comes back online.

    I also agree that it would have been nice for the "Welcome Back" packet to be available for ps3 users right away.

    If you ask me SONY should just keep the PSN Network down, and not turn it on, until all features are working 100%.

    • George

      With all the hate blogs on the net, they really had no choice but to turn online gaming back on. They give us something and people still complain. And I don't understand your issue with the Kombat Pass. Mortal Kombat released the 19th and PSN shut down on the 20th. So that means you bought the game new. How are you screwed out of online game play when its included?

    • dizzy911

      The exact thing has happend to me but with dc universe online which i already been waiting 2 weeks to play now i have to wait again until psn store comes back on.

    • craig

      psn is down in the uk it let me do the update but then couldnt sign in sayin under maintenence

    • Jelani

      there is a way to redeem your codes to play online games. i purchased dc online and i was worried that i could not play it because the psn store is down. however you can go to your psn account online on your computer and redeem your code. you go to the playstation website, log in, and go to acccount management and ten click reedeem code. i tried this last night and it worked for me just fine.

  • Darren Hill

    Don't care. Just glad to be playing games online again…

  • Cody

    Playstation Network doesn't have to give us anything im not expecting anything it would be nice but im not gonna be greedy and whine and complain about what we did or didnt get

    • bgfdgfgf

      We paid for the service when we bought the console, we should expect multiple full games, map packs for existing games, free movies, free music. They can absorb these losses and they should if they want a happy customer base

      • Cocoshca1


      • George

        No one paid for PSN. It is free (FREE, MEANING NOT SOLD). Its a marketing tool for Sony to attract buyers in a market that was already dominated by Microsoft. We take it for granted because we have always had it since we purchased the PS3 and didn't have to pay for it. They only owe an extension to people with paid subscriptions. People want to take advantage of negative attention by asking for handouts. Have any of you ever been robbed? Do the police take you to jail for being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

        • Joe

          Dude a playstation network account and online gaming is advertised on the BOX IN THE STORE! if i didn’t know that the newtwork was down… id be mighty pissed if i forked out 300 bucks only to get home and find out the what i bought is NOT what was advertised on the box… You see what im sayin.. its not that its free.. its that were not getting what we were promised when we forked out the large chunk of cash…

          And on top of that.. the fact that sony waited a week to tell people about credit card data being leaked. thats just WRONG in so many ways… its not professional and goes agains many buisiness code of eithics and laws.. Sony fucked up big time and they deserve to bit the bullet

    • Cash

      you are a gentleman, sir

    • Budsnbabes

      Im sorry but they do owe us more then 30day + a subscription mine and yours and millions of other peoples personnal shit is out there waiting to be sold to the highest bidder. and ive already gone through the whole having my identity used so has my sister its a real long pain in the ass to get fixed especially when someone uses your details for police info. so i dont know about u but my life identity is worth more then what there offering as compensation.

    • bob

      haha ur not gunna whine or complain but im pretty sure ur still gunna download the shit