PlayStation Network goes down again for some users

By Gary Johnson - May 16, 2011

Yesterday Sony began the process of restoring the PlayStation Network after it was unavailable for almost a month. They started rolling out the restoration program region by region, but there have been some problems. The PlayStation Network has gone down again for some users, and others have been unable to change passwords.

Many users have taken to Twitter complaining the service had gone down again soon after being restored. Some of our readers have contacted us saying the service was only available for a short time. The EU PlayStation Blog has posted and said to bear with them as they are “experiencing extremely heavy traffic”.

They also mentioned the problems some users have experienced trying to reset their passwords. Some PS3 owners have yet to receive their emails for resetting them, but because of the high demand it has slowed the system down. Sony put it down to some ISPs slowing down the emails due to the high demand.

Users will still be waiting to get hold of the free Welcome Back package that Sony is planning to give away. But as we reported yesterday the package will be available once the PS Store is back up, and this will be happening once the PlayStation Network is available worldwide.

Have you experienced any new problems with the PlayStation Network in your area?

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  • Samer

    my psn account doesnt work cuz I cant change my password thats the problem!!!!!!!!!!! please 🙁

    • Ibrahim

      Please my psn is not working because I cant change my password. Should I wait cuz Imma about to delete my psn but… please..

      • crystal

        Just hit the forgot password and it will send an email quicker. You can then change your password on playstation network website.

  • Travis

    i am nut able to create a psn account. Waiting for a email confirmation.

  • Megadri

    Yeah went down for me too, ah well, no doubt the addicts still trying to get their fix of black ops. I'll wait.

  • Toby Bexon

    well mine went down at 9:40pm {uk time} but i went on at 7:00am and it worked prefect, well im glad to be back online.

    • Safc_matt

      your gay

  • Giosac

    Played all night long, no problem at all!!

  • m408reaper

    it was working fine a few hours ago. a little buggy with the netflix. If there was a way we could uninstall and reinstall certain product.??

  • ilovenetflix

    It's friggin annoying. I got everything all set w the firm ware & passwords, but netflix still no different bc of the stupid "maintainence" message. Ehh, I'm thouroghly aggrivated!

    • woahnelly

      you can still get onto netflix, even when psn was down, jus do what u normally do, it asks u to sign in, jus sign in, and since u cant sign in, it'll make u try again, and after u try and fail that time, netflix should be workin, thats what i was doin the whole time psn was down