NEC MEDIAS WP N-06C: Slim smartphone Japan announcement

When it comes to cool gadgets and new devices it seems Japan are always first in line to receive them. Today we have news that is no different, as the country has received an announcement of a new smartphone that is thinner than anything we’ve seen so far.

The NEC MEDIAS WP N-06C is just 7.9mm thick, making it the world’s thinnest smartphone and it is expected to be launched by NTT DoCoMo around the next two months. It is also waterproof so no need to be afraid to bring it to the pool with you this summer.

As far as specs go the N-06C packs some power despite its size. Some of its main features include a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8255 processor, a 4” LCD display with 845 x 480, 512MB RAM, a microSDHC for extra storage and it will be running Android 2.3.

It also has a 5mp camera which adds a little more to the thickness where it is situated on the device, still measuring about 9.7mm. More specs can be found listed at the NTT DoCoMo website. Just click the link to find them out.

Are you impressed with the NEC MEDIAS N-06C? Does the thinness and waterproof feature interest you? Let us know in the comments below.



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