Many UK firms ban Facebook in the work place

Using social networks during your employment hours could soon be outdated, as many UK firms are now looking to ban Facebook in the work place.

This new step is to try and discourage staff from sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and is noted in an article by Carrie-Ann Skinner on PC Advisor.

Almost half of the companies have already banned the use of social media and another 63% of employees are discouraged from using Facebook on their workstations in the United Kingdom.

Staff feelings are that their employer’s reputation can be highlighted on these sites, yet the motivation and productivity of staff in the workplace is the main reason for discouraging social media usage.

Over 45% of employees said, that they think their boss was concerned about degrading views of their company put on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The general comments on this would be a worry for businesses that use these sites to help with the feedback necessary to enhance their companies’ financial positions. In some aspects, this could hinder certain businesses from progressing eventually resulting in losses to their profits.

Do you think this is an ideal way to address staffing productivity?



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