Japan won’t allow PSN switch on until convinced of security

By Gary Johnson - May 16, 2011

Since late Saturday night many PS3 users began getting the PSN service restored, and were able to change their passwords and then gain access to the service. There have been some problems reported though with some users losing the service once again. Now we can tell you that Japan won’t allow PSN back on until convinced of security with the restored service.

Takashi Mochizuki of Fox Business is reporting that Sony was not allowed to restore the PSN service in the country. Further information was required according to Kazushige Nobutani, director of the Media and Content Industry department at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Meetings have taken place but the department requires more information on preventative measures, and how Sony plan to regain consumer confidence regarding personal data. A Sony spokes women has said the company is talks with various authorities in the region.

Previously Sony has said that the PS Store will only come online when the PlayStation Network is available everywhere. It is only then the Welcome Back package will be made available to users, this will cause further frustration to many PS3 owners.

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  • ashfoxx

    Gee, thanks a lot Mochizuki-san. Thanks for making the children on Japan more aggravated by having to wait longer, and the rest of us thank you so much for having the PSN store delayed.