iPhone 5 set for November?

By Gary Johnson - Feb 18, 2012

Earlier today we brought you the news of a new image surfacing which is alleged to show the case for the iPhone 5. A lot of rumors lately have been pointing to the handset being revealed in September with a release during the fall. Now today we have a new report suggesting an iPhone 5 release date set for November.

T3.com has an article reporting that a representative from UK retailer Phones4U is claiming the iPhone 5 will hit the shelves on November 21st. These claims have to be taken with a pinch of salt, but fall in line with other rumors suggesting a September reveal of the handset.

Staff at the cell phone retailer have also claimed the new device will be priced similar to the current iPhone 4. The yearly WWDC event kicks off on June 6th and is expected to focus on Mac OS X and iOS. Recently there has been talk of the next iPhone being available on more carriers in the US, and have a new dual-core processor.

If the next iPhone is released in November it will be a disappointment to many consumers waiting for Apple’s next smartphone. Recently we told you that many consumers were waiting for the iPhone 5 instead of purchasing the white iPhone 4.

Will you be disappointed with a November release for the iPhone 5?

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  • ladoder16

    I believe it won't come out until janu it will start realise from now on January whn it out for VZW. It make sense since it just came out with white version as well. It be wise to bring out in September or.November cause al oy people would stop buying it. Plus releasing it I'm January gives them time to really work out kinks and get right with no antenna issues. I also believe it will come with 4g lte if they want to compete with Android.

  • john

    my contract is not up until jan 30 2012 so the only thing that matters to me is 4g capable. so if the sep/nov version does not have that I will wait until the next version.