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iPhone 5 expected to release with new camera flash

We have been hearing plenty of rumors suggesting that the iPhone 5 will feature a repositioned LED flash (when compared to the iPhone 4), now photos of the iPhone 5’s front-facing and rear-facing sensors have shown up on 9to5mac.

Whether the photos (here) are legitimate or not is up for discussion, however if you trust our sources you can clearly see that the iPhone 5’s rear-facing camera does not feature a flash, this is said to be because the next iPhone will feature a flash placed at the top-right side on the smartphone.

If you check out this image (sourced from ArsTechnica) you can see a mock up of the fifth-generation iPhone which takes the repositioned flash into account, as you can see it does not change much aesthetically but should allow for better shots and less chance of light-leak and red-eye.

If you check out any of today’s digital cameras you will clearly see that their sensors and flashes are spaced apart, surely if camera manufacturers choose to do this smartphone manufacturers should follow their lead, perhaps this is what Apple is doing.

Do you think the repositioned flash will be an improvement?



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