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Google Earth New Recycling Models: Huge Potential

Over the years Google Earth has seen a number of real-time data feeds implemented into the service. However, we can safely say that there has never been one with recycling models. There is such a huge potential, one that could spawn a number of new possibilities thanks to iNovmapping. The information so far is very limited, so only offering real-time data on bus information and recycling.

All you need to do is either click on the bus stop or the recycling container for information to come up, which you can see by visiting Google Earth Blog. The best thing about this is that you do not need to have KMZ files for it to work, although they do help you locate the models.

The developers have used an iFrame in order for real-time to work, making it much easier to update the information inside these 3D models. So what is the potential? First is being able to locate a beach house with real-time rental prices, opening hours for bars and restaurant, what is happening in conference centers and so much more.

This does show that there is still a lot to come from Google Earth, and developers have a knack of making the service greater than the sum of its parts. It is like the smartphone in one respect, it is a great device out the box, but it is app developers that make them so much better.

What Real-time models would you like to see on Google Earth?



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