Changing Apple’s MacBook Pro With Thunderbolt

By Daniel Chubb - May 16, 2011

Now that the new Apple MacBook Pro with a Thunderbolt port is released, how should it be changed if you could? The specifications are impressive, which include the 17- and 15-inch models having Intel quad-cores, something you wouldn’t believe possible in a laptop a few years ago.

The Thunderbolt port is welcomed with open arms, even if the accessories that support the higher data transfers are all but non-existent. New Radeon graphics from AMD are said to be up to 3x faster in the bigger MacBook Pro models, games and HD video projects should be a breeze anywhere.

Being able to use FaceTime in high definition on the new MacBook pro is amazing, and helps connect friends and family almost anywhere. Let’s hear some ideas you have on how you would change the new MacBook Pro, maybe a Blu-ray drive should’ve been added, or USB 3.0 support. Let us know.

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  • Charles Goh

    Blu Ray drives are a must, I mean who would'nt want them if they had a full HD screen for their laptops? Also, I think they should upgrade their webcam. But thats just me :). I'm sure you guys will agree with me