Apple Patents Keyboard For Enhanced Tactile Feedback

By Peter Chubb - May 16, 2011

You may remember a few days back that some tech websites were talking about Apple Patents Keyboard, and you wondered what was going on. Well we are trying to make sense of it all, as when we first read it we assumed that it was a patent filing made on April Fools Day, but that was not the case at all. What we have is a genuine filing, although Apple has loads of these in the system that do not see the light of day.

This new proposed keyboard will allow for a more enhanced tactile feedback thanks to a unique blowing and sucking method. Now for obvious reason we did not want to put that in our title, as we would have attracted some unwanted attention. There is a good reason why Apple could offer this on some of its future devices, such as a newer version of its iPad, as it will give users the feeling of actually touching something, without actually touching it.

The Register explains that this works in a very simple way, as when you hover your finger over the device you will feel an instant puff of air followed by a short suck, it is this that gives the user tactile feedback. This could certainly get around the issue that iPad owners have with not being able to feel much from the current touchscreen display.

However, the one drawback would be with size and weight. If Apple were to pursue such a patent, then this will surely add some weight to the device, and this will be something that the user will not want? We have to wonder if the technology is already here, and if Apple would be able to implement it without sacrificing its sleek iPad design?

Would you prefer a slighter heavier iPad 3 if it has an enhanced tactile feedback?

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