Wii 2, PS4 and Xbox 720 To End Game Consoles

By Daniel Chubb - May 15, 2011

It’s a universal understanding in 2011 that the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 are more than just games consoles, although their use is still primarily for playing games. With this in mind, it’s kind of obvious for us to say that the Wii 2, PS4, and Xbox 720 (if these are the next-gen names) will not be game consoles.

Demand for gaming on the move, inside and outside the home, has increased and technology has caught up with the needs of consumers, so we expect this need to be filled more with the next-generation systems from Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. The end is near for game consoles.

While the current dedicated game machines rule today, the consumer demand has evolved with smartphones alone. Graphics in portable devices are amazing, and getting better, with some people gaming more on their iPhone than dedicated home system. This threatens to change how we’ll all game in the future.

An article on My Fox NY highlights this very subject, they point out that paying $300 for a big machine and $50-60 for sequels seems mad compared to the new market; of cheaper game prices on devices you use more. This will not be for every gamer, and those that play for more than 5 hours a day will be glad to pay more. My Fox NY asks if traditional games consoles have a place in the future with the “cloud” in mind?

Much will change that could affect the way PS4, Wii 2, and Xbox 720 are built. Gamers are getting a taste of not owning games, with cloud services already being used by millions. Think Amazon’s Cloud Player, Netflix Instant, and Gmail for starters.

Do you think the current established game system makers will have to rethink the next-generation systems? How different do you really want the next-gen machine?

This is the chance for one of the big brands to innovate and get an upper hand in the next generation of gaming. Streaming of games to other devices and using the cloud has to play a big part. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

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  • Anonymous

    Let’s get this straight PC gaming sucks and is expensive. Portable gaming will NEVER replace Console they are two different targets. Console gamers aren’t about being on the go, no serious gaming is done on the go. Its like saying motorcycles are going to replace car because its much easier on gas.    

  • Anonymous

    Let’s get this straight PC gaming sucks and is expensive. Portable gaming will NEVER replace Console they are two different targets. Console gamers aren’t about being on the go, no serious gaming is done on the go. Its like saying motorcycles are going to replace car because its much easier on gas.    

  • Andrew Beisel

         I honestly don’t see how anyone can even consider that console gaming is over.  The evidence is in the monitors and/or televisions.  People want to play Call of Duty on an 85″ flatscreen TV with surround sound that allows you to hear if the enemy is just behind you and kicked a single pebble.  I believe in the next 10 years we will be seeing an integration to next gen technology from console systems.  What is ashame is that I think this next “class” of consoles is too early.  I think the word “console” will always appeal to developers since the nature of there capacity is that a developer can make a game specifically for the specs of the machine.  A developer can feel free to push the limits of the machine, and regress if needed, whereas when they are not dealing with a console they feel like they are being dragged backwards since they must make their game able to run on a machine that’s 5 years old.
        People are going to grow tired of needing to buy updated computers and mobile devices.  It’s fairly obvious the truly next-gen
    technology is the “Personal Server” or Hub.  Why should a family of 5
    have 5 different computers?  The next-gen technology is a single super
    computer in a household capable of running thousands of applications
    straight to any monitor in the house wirelessly.  So the future of console gaming is in
    “packing” inovation and hub consoles.  It’s mind-blowing to think who
    will cover this ground first, but I think everyone is in the running. 
    Even companies not currently in the gaming market.  Microsoft, Sony, and
    Nintendo have a foothold, but it seems like Nintendo is actually living
    in the stone age of gaming consoles. They need to quickly jump in the
    technology integration direction.  I dream of the day where I’m no
    longer hindered by wires, and where there is a huge gray area where
    something isn’t quite a console and isn’t quite a super computer.

  • justsomewalker

    i only play games on my ipod when im on the bus going to work.i play on a console all the ootheer times.

  • I am honestly tired of everyone saying mobile gaming is going to take over. Okay first things first mobile is gaming is good for bus rides, flights and short trips thats it. if you are at home sitting on your couch playing angry birds while you have games like LA Noire out there. Than there is a serious problem with todays gamers. A phone can only do so much before its dead and has to be recharged and lets not forget that the more tech that goes into a phone the more expensive it is.To end my point a rather play a grade A game i paid 60 dollars for on my 55 inch led with surround sound. Than play a casual game on my 4.5 inch screen using my fingers to navigate everything. no thank you! keep the consoles coming.

  • ashfoxx

    I laugh now, but I do fear the future of handheld gaming being the norm, and digital downloaded games (after the wake of the PSN outage) being the only way to buy games. I still love opening the package on a fresh new game and holding the disc in my hands, feeding it into my machine, and mashing away with my flat screen in my living room.

    If Handhelds really do become the future of gaming, well, lets just say I'm going to be a retro gamer for life, because Handheld's are a good distraction, but an actual console is where the meat is.

  • Degsy 69

    The big thing on the next gen consoles (apart from a graphics bump of course) is going to be media.
    Sure they have it on current gen kit, but its a bit clumsy, hard to navigate at times, and its hard to stream or move media in some cases. I predict for both xbox & ps4, it will get a radical makeover that will surprise a few people. its possible that that will involve the cloud, but not gaming. Not yet.

  • Degsy 69

    Broadband is only just starting to get to a point that is reliable in some parts of the world, for others that have either no or unreliable connections, what would they do? They would be limiting their userbase instantly.
    The current gen has problems with online lag and drop outs as it is! Also what about download limits in some parts of the world? There are too many limits at the moment that prevent this happening.
    The console makers have to think globably, not just regionaly.

    Why do you think Microsoft has invested in the Windows 7 phone, Sony in their gaming phone ? Thats the current level of portability, and it is not going to magically get 10/20/30 times better in one generation.
    It a "processing power" vs "battery power" fight at the moment on most smartphones, never mind a portable xbox or playstation!

    Add to that the developers and their lust for better graphics power, more processing power, more memory and storage – portability is simply not an option at the moment.

  • failAuthorsCritic

    Portables replacing consoles?
    Some people have nothing to write about.

  • Zark

    do you ever wake up and wonder why you write garbage on the internet instead of running a corporation?

  • FutureTechnology

    Portable gaming wont be the same as console gaming not anytime soon atleast. Portable gaming will always be a generation behind consoles unless they decide to change that in 2018-2020 where they will release a PS5 and A PS5P (Playstation 5 Portable).

  • Stormwire

    I think they are more concerned with 3D right now and how they can convince people it is worth upgrading for (because right now it isn't). Until they master that I don't think we will be seeing any next gen consoles (besides whatever nintendo is planning at e3) anytime soon.

  • maz

    what a rubbish article, iphone and portable games will never compare to pure gaming consoles like nintendo, microsoft or sony. This article is biased with false information. The author of this article probably plays crappy iphone games 24/7 or has no clue about intense gaming on a console. I suggest he go to university and study computer animations like I do and then he will understand what gaming is before he posts an article with ludicrous information.

  • maz

    what a rubbish article, iphoe and portable games will never compare to pure gaming consoles like nintendo, microsoft or sony. This article is biased with false informaition. The author of this article probably plays crappy iphone games 20/7 or has no clue about intense gaming on a console.

    I suggest the author to go back to university and study computer animations, then he will understand what ludicrous information he is presenting on his rubbish article

  • Richard

    i agree Iphone and other portable devices will never replace game consoles like frank said "sacrificing screen size for mobility" i will never do that. But Sony and Nintendo made the PSP and the DS for those reason of mobility

  • SteveDOF

    I have no doubt that a move into the mobile market is on the minds of all of the big three console makers, Nintendo's new machine having "roaming handsets", albeit within the home, is a strong indication of where they are going. That does not mean home consoles will disappear tomorrow. They still have the big screen and surround-sound, gamers love, not to mentions the "family space" needed for the, extremely popular, stand-up-and-play type of games. I think that Nintendo will expand on it's policy of making mobile devices more and more interactive with consoles, perhaps even, eventually, licensing that interaction to third party smart-phones and pads.

    Even so, nice as the graphics on some mobile devices are, they have a way to go before they can compete in shear processing power, and therefore game-depth, with the "power" consoles. It is not all graphics, much as current debate might make it seem so. How do such devices handle huge "open-world" games, like GTA, Assassins creed, Red dead redemption, etc.?

  • Lewis

    Lmao, this is complete crap. The only people that play on ipod and shit like that are adults who have no time for consoles, kids younger than the age of 10 and teenage girls. Everyone else plays on CONSOLES, everyone. Consoles will forever remain whereas ipad's etc are just a fad and will die eventually. CONSOLES have been around for over 30 years and they are getting bigger and bigger each generation. The next generation will be even bigger than this one, Apple is nothing. Nintendo is King.

  • Greg

    Ps4 having a projector built inside and some batteries so it could be taken anywhere would be well wicked!

  • frank

    This is a stupid article. Iphone and other portable devices are too small of a display screen to play any shooter successfully or at it's full potential. Whether I play once a week or 10 times a day, I have no interest (and never will) of sacrificing screen size for mobiity. I play at home, when I'm not at home I am doing other things than playing video games… Waste of time. I agree with Rob

  • Austin

    ^ i agree with this guy^

  • Omega15

    I think game consoles will be around for a while. Portable gaming is on the rise but as long as battery technology gets better, there is really no comparison. Also, isn't expanding into the mobile market the reason Sony and Nintendo created the NGP and 3DS in the first place?

  • Rob

    Keep them the same but pack more power!!!!