Sony announce when Welcome Back package will be available

By Gary Johnson - May 16, 2011

You may be already aware that the PlayStation Network is beginning to come back online region by region. Users have to first download a new firmware update before they can access the service and change passwords. Now Sony announce when the Welcome Back package will be available.

Gamersmint are reporting that Head of Communications Nick Caplin has announced that gamers will get their welcome back gifts as soon as the PS Store is also restored. Many PS3 owners who are now enjoying the PlayStation Network being available, may have been wondering when they will start seeing the free goodies offered by Sony.

There was no date given when the PS Store will be back up, but it’s expected shortly maybe even today according to Caplin. He said that the PS Store restoration was phase 2 of Sony’s operation, and won’t be restored until all areas have access to PSN. He promised to update the PlayStation Blog as soon as there is some news.

Currently users in Europe are waiting for the PlayStation Network to be resumed, and at the time of writing UK readers are contacting us saying the service has yet to be restored in their region. Is PSN back online in your region?

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  • wildsuperfreak

    in holland its back on 😀

  • Yo Mumma

    back up in australia !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • who

    New Jersey Up and running

  • Taylork

    Hmm, it should be up in UK. I live in US (NC) and I was playing with some people that lived in the UK earlier today

  • Varley

    I'm from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and PSN online play has been restored.

  • essam

    egypt on 🙂 welcome back psn

  • PAUL


  • PAUL


  • …………

    psn is on in UK %100

  • Denis

    its 3:33 PM in ontario, Canada and I have had Online gaming since 9:00 AM this morning

  • Abz

    Its Online here and just enjoyed playing black ops!! just waiting for the free games now!
    Im in London

  • Abz

    Im in LONDON

  • ben

    UK Here ! its back but no marketplace.

  • dude91975


  • joost

    the netherlands still down -.-
    but download was available earliers

  • Malik

    Can anyone confirm that it is back ?

    • Greg

      Im in the UK. It's 20:26 and I've just got back onto PSN!

  • Volcom

    Usa here and been on all day! Welcome back PSN!

  • James

    The UK is back on!

  • John Smith

    psn online in UK!!!

  • marhorn


  • Dan Habbershaw

    i heard that PSN will be online in the UK at 18:30 but obviously its just speculation, its 6:20 and its not on now

  • Adam

    It's 6:15PM where I am in the UK, Still waiting for it to be activated. Once PS3, Always PS3

  • Kembo

    I live in Massachusetts and got psn back yesterday at around 9pm.

  • adey barker

    5-20PM still not back on in Uk, Usa always 1st for Games and now for PSN

  • Evan

    In US can't get mine to work.

  • tash

    5.15 and still not on in the UK

  • PS34LIFE

    i am in the UK and it is back online.. yesss finally.. everyone go on ur ps3 and sign in.. its on now.. currently its 5.04!!! lets play!!

    • tash

      where in the uk are you?

  • Ryan

    5oclock still not online in UK

    • adey barker

      usa gets 1st just like games, same old

  • Haris

    Its 4:45pm in the Uk still not on hopefully it will in a while.

  • michael

    I live in Ecuador but had my account activated to Florida…and still can't sign in.

    I guess i'll have to wait til PSN hits Latin America…by now it's 10:35 am in Ecuador

  • callum

    im in the UK but at 4.14pm its still not online

    • Rpineda4

      I live in the NorthWest USA, and network has been up since this mourning around 7 am