PSN UK Status Online – Not All Services Live

By Jamie Pert - May 15, 2011

Roughly 20 minutes ago we started receiving feedback suggesting that the PlayStation Network was back up in the UK, now we have tried it out for ourselves and we can confirm that this is true, however not all of the services are currently available.

We tried a few things out and from what we can see the Trophys are online and matchmaking is now possible, however when trying to access the PlayStation Store we were told that maintenance was being carried out.

US gamers have been able to go back online all day and Sony told us that the global restoration process had started, therefore we have been expecting this news for quite a few hours, let’s just hope people in the UK don’t experience the problems with the mandatory firmware update which we spoke about earlier.

We have not had a chance to try out all of the PlayStation Services just yet, nor have we had a chance to test out how well the network is running in regards to matchmaking, therefore we would appreciate some feedback from our UK readers in the comments section below.

Is the PSN up in the UK for you? If so, is matchmaking stable for you?

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  • I've been finding that the PSN has been a little flakey lately. Nothing too serious but I've noticed a couple of times this week where I have been signed out of the PSN for no apparent reason. Slightly annoying when playing an online game.

    It could also be my ISP of course but its never happened before.

  • marhorn


  • tony

    i just changed my password and went online and loaded mw2 up went to mp and it just stays on the matchmaking screen , so i reset the ps3 and now its saying psn is under maintance ?????

  • richyrich18

    well check again if your in UK sign out of psn and then sign back in and then tell me if its working properly. Earlier sure i was on psn played 3 or 4 matches on black ops and then switched my playstation off and then back on and loan and behold psn is down again sony stop toying with your loyal customers because your sales will drop even more then they already have fix it once and for all and all will be happy.

  • harry

    I was playing for two hours now its saying can't sign in undergoing maintenance

  • Phil

    hi i was playing online ps3 games for past hrs signed out then signed back in and i get the message undergoing maintenance again

  • Paul

    It's gone dwn again
    In uk

  • Phil

    hi the psn was up 4 me, i signed out then signed back in now it says it is undergoing maintenance again

  • Paul

    Psn up in uk then went dwn after a hour

  • Samanosuke39

    My acct works but when my brother sign in his original acct it's getting error code 80710D36 what ever mean I don't know, but my brother can not sign into his acct, after he sign in and it tell him to reset password it bring up the error code. What's going on.

  • zientific

    Yes all working fine until my wife suggested it was time to stop!!!!

  • karim

    Yep things are going good although I keep getting kicked out of bfbc2 but hey bfbc2 has always kicked me out game.

  • ahmed

    no one is going to leave feedback, cause there playing 🙂
    but yeah so far most things are working

  • Cocoshca

    Turn it on here in Guatemala!!!