PS3 Black Ops melt down when UK PSN back up online

By Jamie Pert - May 15, 2011

Our earlier post confirmed that the PSN was back up in the US, now we wonder how the Black Ops servers will cope with the hammering they will be getting due to the millions of PS3 gamers who will be going online once again today.

Some experts are suggesting that today may set records for being the busiest day in the PSN’s history, not only will PS3 gamers be able to feed their habits after almost a month without online play, but also as it is a Sunday most people will be able to play all day as they do not have work, college or school to go to.

In late April we asked you which game you would play first when the PlayStation Network was back up, we noticed that the majority of you were missing Black Ops, therefore we expect millions of people to be playing zombies and multiplayer modes for a big part of today, but will it cause a melt down?

In a perfect world internet providers, game servers and the PlayStation Network will come together and cope with the huge demand, however thing don’t always go to plan, therefore we wonder what will be the weak link in the chain.

Do you think that the huge PSN demand will cause a melt down today?

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  • chikis

    fuk white racist ppl and other racist pendejos RAZA LATINA PENDEJOS!!!!!!!!!!

  • msa

    you were right lol their down

  • kaiico

    damn what the f*ck i was online 2 min ago, switched from Brink to COD blackops, updated and BAM offline again showing the maintenance message when logging in… SONY WTF!!!

  • Anonymous

    They did the US first because we’re filled with rednecks who need to shoot their AK-47’s at people instead of their Browning .308’s at trees.


    My question is, Why are you asking that here?! Sony whys this and that and those??? comn if u have question go to official sites >.> ridiculous

  • english and proud

    sony why isnt it back on in england yet?

  • amy

    thought psn was bak on in the uk at 5 mine still isnt working 🙁 sony plz give us a time its not fair !


    is it back on in south of ireland?

  • jsw69

    my galil,s goin to get a right hammering….& no that aint a nickname 4 my knob…..HQ black ops (if i can remember how 2 play that is)

  • Younger

    @PureOwnage how do you know it will be back at 5.

  • PureOwnage

    It will be bk at around five hopefully

  • trinityiam72

    PSN network back on in the US, playing Zombie mode now, that's how the Melting Pot of the world does it..

  • trinityiam72

    Downloading psn update 3.61 now in the US. The US never sleeps..

  • trinityiam72

    Downloading psn update 3.61 now in the US, don't know if the networks back! The US never sleeps..

  • cod bo

    yeah come back for uk we have got stuff second but next time it should be us 1 st sy st

  • psnpsn

    When is the uk going to be back on??

    • ben

      it is now

      • CoD Modern Warfare 2


  • will

    pes 2011

    • naeem

      no fifa 11 😀

  • BokaBoka

    what i would like to know is, how can they turn the us servers on and yet leave all us europeans and witch ever else is still without psn ???? favoritism ???? .. or just shire stupid because now half of the american users will be in bed :S:S:S:S:S:S

  • Playstation sucks

    Not texas booo

  • psn gamer

    I really hope it comes back today though, but I don't think there will be a meltdown because psn has coped b4 and Sony have done the right thing by bringing it back gradually to all users. If you think about it though there will be less people online than expected because some people have traded in their PS3s for Xbox's. Which is a bad move now that PSN has almost recovered. You never know though Xbox Live could get hacked tomorrow.

  • Callum

    Finally time to redeem my portal 2 Steam vouchor. As for Online Play pfft, who needs that?

    • ashfoxx

      My point exactly.

  • ting

    its still down

  • richard

    ill be hammering my wife

    • Dan

      Yea me too

  • Freekill

    I want UK to be up dammit!

  • rapid

    i know one thing, i will be hammering GT5 today if PSN is working