New PS3 Update 3.61: Firmware Live, All Must Download

By Daniel Chubb - May 15, 2011

Those that decided to stick with the PlayStation 3 should be happy to know that the process has started to bring the PlayStation Network back up online. If you turn on your system you will see a new PS3 firmware update, v3.61.

All PS3 users must download this update to get online, and once the update is installed you will need to change your password before playing games again in multiplayer.

We would like to point out you can only change your online passwords once the PSN is back up in your region, which is currently being rolled out across the UK, United States, and the rest of the world.

The PS Blog points out that you can only change your password, once the PSN is back, on the system that your account was activated on, which is extra security to protect you. Those that have never downloaded content using their account will get an email with more instructions.

So, what you waiting for, go get the new PS3 firmware.

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  • where is you f*** link “all must download haha idiots

  • Bradley Kelly

    OK really, what I don't understand is why every since this news ever started, all they been talking about the PS3 getting the problem. The PSP been getting the same problem as well! So why have the news only been about the PS3, not the PSP as well!?

  • AshFoxX