Nearly All US PSN Back Up Online

By Daniel Chubb - May 15, 2011

We have been told over and over to be patience and now Sony has delivered by nearly bringing all the US PSN back up online. You can watch a video below this article, which shows Kazuo Hirai announcing the PlayStation Network restoration at last. Something PS3 users have been wishing for over the last few weeks, only to be offered encouragement to stick by Sony.

It’s been reported that thousands of PS3 gamers have moved to the Xbox 360 by trading in their games and system, was this you or are you smiling to be back on the PSN today?

The image you see below was taken a few moments ago and shows nearly all of the United States are green, which means back up in most cases. Sony does warn that if your state is green but not on the PSN, then this is because the servers take a while to fully populate. Let us know in the comments if you’re back up, and what state or area of the world.

At the time of writing we can confirm the UK is not back on the PSN, let us know if you are.

Update: The United States now all green, so the US should now be able to change passwords. UK PSN still not online.

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  • mart

    anyone know the priority order for eu switch on. think france is normally 1st in these things, then us in uk

  • vriespunt

    still no online gaming in the south off Holland


    I've already updated my ps3 to version 3.61. When PSN is online in my region (PORTUGAL) and i try to login, will it ask me to change my password? Also i saw the video, and there's a moment he says that in order t change ur psn account password u need to change it on the same ps3 u created it (or im just imaginating xD). Anyway i can change it trough the pc right? i think


    Still not back in Norway!!!!!!!!!

  • richyrich18

    Is anyone having trouble 3.61 update meaning if your in the uk like i am. Has any uk psn user been prompted to change password yet because i havent and would like to know the reason behind it

    • PlaystationNetwork

      You will be asked to change your password in due time when the Playstation Network is restored in your area.

    • zientific

      I think you will be prompted once the system is back online for us in the UK. Have heard that we should be up at 15:00 bst.

  • dnbdeegl4

    not up in glocester but there is update..

  • Assaad

    Middle east – Lebanon , hope so this year

  • stuart

    @Jimskii I'm in Goole i reckon we'll be online before Hull lol :OP

  • jimskii

    still not online yet hull – uk

    • PS3 ADDICT

      still not online in south england

  • AshFoxX

    It's official. April 20 – May 15th will be the "Gamers Lent" from now of XD


      HaHa! This made me laugh 😀

  • tmoney

    legoo ps3 up nd workin in usa

  • Cast

    When is the psn getting back on central america?

  • NO ONE


    • kieran

      No your not O.o

  • kieran

    any chance you know when NZ will be back up???

    • brutality

      new zealand new zealand new zealand lol

  • Anonymous

    come on switch the UK on, i've got 50p for the meter if needed Sony!