Insight Into Modern Warfare 3 Leak

By Jamie Pert - May 15, 2011

Details are finally beginning to leak regarding this year’s Call of Duty release, we know that it is called Modern Warfare 3 and we know that the MW3 release date is set for November 8th (or close to this date), now we thought we would find out more about the game itself.

We have pulled in information from Kotaku, GamerSyndrome and GamersMint to give you some insight about MW3, we will start by telling you a little about the game’s campaign, which GamerSyndrome say is bananas.

GamersMint tell us that the campaign will take place in some of the most prominent cities in the world, they have checked out the teaser trailers and apparently you get to see brief glimpses of New York, London, Paris and Berlin. The fact that the campaign takes place in all of these wide-spread areas suggests that the MW3’s plot involves another massive war.

GamerSyndrome say that they are not won-over by what they have heard about the plot so so far, they say that the US getting invaded by Russia sounds like something written during the Cold War, also they liken the plot to Red Alert 2. We don’t agree with GamerSyndrome’s reservations, however it is an interesting read none-the-less.

Kokatu has also been investigating the teaser trailers and has apparently heard a sound clip which mentions SEAL Team Six, it is thought that in real-life this is the team which killed Osama Bin Laden. You can hear the audio clip here, if you listen carefully you can hear someone clearly say “Seal Team Six was sent in but they lost half their team on infil. We need to strike fast before the Russians can launch a counterattack”.

Also Kokatu tell us that they have also heard talk of a mission which takes place early in the game called Black Tuesday, if you check out Wikipedia you will see that Black Tuesday was a name given to an event which occurred in 1929, to cut a long story short the stock market crashed and it is still regarded as the “most devastating stock market crash in the history of the United States”, perhaps in MW3 you will battle it out near the New York Stock Exchange and something similar will happen.

We think that the early signs shows that Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign could be bigger and better than any previous Call of Duty campaign we have ever seen before. Check out the links in the second paragraph for more details on what we have talked about in this article, are you excited about these revelations about the game ?

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  • egg

    hush everyone, we all have our own opinions and mine is that black ops is better
    but whether you agree with that is up to you
    so stop ranting at each other that ones better
    remember this article is about mw3

  • CPFC555

    @ 'Your face'. I'm not quite sure how you could say that Black Ops is the same as the other CoDs. Now i'm no IW fanboy, but i sure know that they make a much, MUCH better game than Treyarch – and that point has been proven by Black Ops. Black Ops is a terrible game, and there are so many reasons why. If you want me to list them, i can.

  • adam

    All i wanna know is, is it gonna have spec ops

  • Your face

    Ha is "wost game ever made" code for you suck at it. Black ops is the same as the other cods i really can't see why anyone but IW fanboys have a problem with it.

  • brian

    big fan of mw1,mw2, black ops, hope this one will be as big with the other two game company's backing infinity ward. PEACE.

    • sam

      you say black ops i dislike you the wost game ever made

      • msryry

        I agree, you were ok with mw1 and then mw2, but when you said black ops you lost all cred

  • sultan sattar

    not as excited as i know it isnt just infinity ward making it, however it sounds really good. hope they dont change graphics and online gameplay coz it is great

    • Jonathan

      the graphics and online gameplay shud be just as good if not better than mw3 because they are using the same engine they used in mw2