Still fortunate without PSN back up online on May 14

By Daniel Chubb - May 14, 2011

We’ve read some interesting articles about the PSN not being back up online, and some are stranger than others. Checking the PlayStation Blog on May 14 (today) shows that there hasn’t been an update in 4 days, although you will find many blogs keeping you informed about every rumor.

Today we came across a post by The Sixth Axis, what caught our eye was how this article looked at the PlayStation Network downtime in a more positive manner. The author, Toby M, thought it was about time someone gave the up to 100 million PSN users a little perspective.

It’s their view that some PS3 users need to get the situation into “serious perspective”. You can still play games, although not online, and going outside is not a bad idea either, and according to TSA you should be thinking of the soldiers taking cover from real bullets in places like Afghanistan, and not playing Call of Duty or the next map pack. Would you agree?

It’s our view that while we should always remember what’s going on in the “real world”, you have to also put the PSN downtime in perspective. Some hours of downtime is bad, a day or two is extreme, but weeks? Who wouldn’t be seriously upset for that length of time?

Another take on the PS3 outage comes courtesy of a video you can see below, which features gamer and comedian, Kent Valentine. It’s another view of why we should give Sony a little slack. Have a watch below and let us know if you are willing to give Sony breathing room.

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  • LOL


  • You really should stop nagging Sony about the hack, cuz if it wasn't for Sony, you would all be paying to play online, so STFFU

    • Actually Benefited

      Very true. The only loss I've really had from this is Netflix (I tend to use it more often the actual TV.) I've gotten a lot of relief from my annoying PSN friends who are always messaging spam to me and telling me that they'll delete me if I don't come on more often. I've also gotten around to a lot of maintenance I needed to do around the house and have found a lot more ways to have fun rather than just sitting on my butt all day cursing at the screen from losing my 15 killstreak lol. It's not Sony's fault that someone decided to hack them, It's our faults for lacking to use our extra time while the service is down to do more than just complain about it.

  • Tank Spanker

    I got a ps3 because my long serving Xbox finally died….I have no loyalty to a console, it is just a machine which allows me to play games online… or not in the case of PS3. I kinda wish my Xbox had died a few weeks sooner then i would undoubtedly be playing online now. I have remained patient waiting for Sony to give us info but am starting to consider trading in and going back to the xbox again. it is a shame that it has come to this.

  • EVAN8R

    This whole situation gave me some AWESOME New Vegas time. Keeping on the UP side of things, the new network is going to shun any jailbreak consoles…..which means less glitchers cheating in multiplayer. Isn't anyone talking about THAT?!?!?!?!??!

  • blueballs

    Anonymous hasn't been able to clear themselves of it because they have rougue members that decided to hack Sony. I hope all of Anonymous kill themselves in their little civil war.

  • Megadri

    That video was hilarious but it makes a good point. I'd also wish all the Black Ops would stop whining about PSN being down. GO PLAY A DIFFERENT GAME! There are PLENTY of single players out there only you lot are just fixated on 1 aspect of 1 game which is so highly diluted by sequels that there's no imagination in it at all. For the love of god, as a Playstation 3 owner, will you please just shut up. Yes Sony were hacked and had there arses handed to them, the last thing they need is some Black-ops-Addict shoving there Angtsy opinion down there throat. God sake..

  • D…

    To put this into perspective, Sony tells me for 5 years that their console is unhackable. Now they tell me every 1-4 days that they have no idea when they can resume their online service because they got hacked. They need to get a clue, can you buy a clue? Sony doesn't know

    • Beegeeskiller

      Psst, "…their console is unhackable." PSN only runs on Ps3. It isn't your Ps3. Silly-billy.

  • SMIT

    right now psn its just taking the piss no i wont give them some slack i paid 400pound for my ps3 and 55pound for the game just so i can play online so that is a full out piss take im starting to seriosly think about going to x-box 360 even tho i cannot stand the console psn it taking tha piss i could of fixed it within about 1week not 1month
    but i have played playstations all of my life and never even tryed an x-box but if its still of by the end of the month there gunna lost another 8 customers because all my mates are going to x-box at the end of the month if its not back up online.

  • sony555

    come on psn

    • sony555

      i hope they sue those so call anonymous

      • Callum

        Anonymous is a bodyless hacktivist group without any hierachy. They're highly capable of hiding there footsteps online and are VERY good at hacking (given there nature). You can't "sue" Anonmous, because more than likely they are just a large group of independent hackers who do it for "the lulz" not for financial gain. Besides anyone who publicly sued an Anonymous hacker, would get hacked :p

      • aLongerName

        Think long and hard about how morbidly stupid your comment is.

  • Kedaro

    it's kinda funny

  • Tango charlie

    are you sony fanboys?..what a dumbass article…screw you I paid $300 for the console $60 for black ops just to play multiplayer so STFU—the downtime is unacceptable

    • BandN

      if you have 360 just to play one aspect of one game then you shouldnt have wasted money on a console. What you should have done is picked up a 500$ pc and then you could play way more games and still have a free network and no one would have had to read what you thought.

  • Rye

    Lame posting dude. You sound like a SONY employee..
    Cut them slack? HA! they lost out on any kindness from when, when they decided, 2 weeks ago, that there customers were not deserving of information about the PSN outage Timeline. Screw SONY.. they are a joke company, and just treats there customers like sheep, waiting for there Shepperd to come and tell them what to do. Also, stuff your sorrys up your butt sony. Do not want to hear it said again.. if u were sorry, the psn would have been up 2 weeks ago.

  • Korky

    Ur video sucks

    • Michael Williams

      It was Brillant!!! Korky your clearly an idiot, problem born by accident, by two other acidents in a gerneration of accidental genelogy! NICE VIDEO!

    • GUEST

      clearly Korky is a x-bot fanboy. you do realise there are several articles on other sites that suggest it may have in fact been a microsoft employee that was involved. it sure will suck to be microsoft if that turns out to be true.